3 Trendy Gold Choker and Haram Set – You Need to See

Fatima Rani

gold choker and haram set

Today I am very happy to bring you such interesting and trending gold choker and haram set. If you have a wedding coming up and looking for a harem set with attractive choker for yourself, then today’s article is for you. Gold Choker and Haram set are used a lot in our fashion style especially in wedding ceremony of South Indian women.

Actually wearing them makes the new bride look very gorgeous. So in today’s collection I have brought you three gold chokers and haram set’s that are trending at the moment with great scrutiny. Which will grab your attention as soon as you see them. They are very, very beautiful. If you have a wedding coming up and you don’t use them, you’re really missing out.

So in no way should you be separated from using it. I will give the weight and price of each Choker and Haram set. I will let you know how you can collect it.

1. South Indian Style

gold choker and haram set

Weight: 123 grams (full set), Price: 721,026 Rs (Currently)

Nowadays many choker necklace designs come before us constantly. But there are many women who love South Indian choker and haram sets very much. For them, the demand cannot be met only with choker necklaces. They find attractive haram sets or necklace designs with chokers. Usually brides wear this kind of attractive bridal sets in weddings.

Women adorn themselves profusely in any South Indian wedding ceremony. They use a variety of fashion accessories to adorn themselves. In fact these chokers and haramsets make their beauty even more stunning. In it you can see a very attractive design.Besides, there are also attractive jhumka designs with them.

The use of color in the choker is more eye-catching. So you must collect it to wear in wedding. Although the choker is heavy, Haramset design is made with very light weight. So you can collect at a fairly affordable price.

2. Sunflower choker necklace gold

choker necklace gold

Weight: 101 grams (full set), Price: 592,062 Rs (Currently)

Looking at the attractive choker necklace mentioned in the photo above, you can see that it has an attractive sunflower flower design. Today there are many young women who are very fond of sunflowers. And they are very keen to wear sunflower flower design ornaments on their wedding. These have matching earrings.

Because the sunflower flower has actually caught the attention of thousands of women since ancient times. However, it is currently playing a special role in our trending fashion style because of that sunflower flower design in it. So you can use it to make your fashion style more attractive.

Also if you see the entire necklace and choker from a distance, it will look more attractive. It looks even better when you wear it than it looks in the photo. Most attractive for married women.

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3. Foreign stylish choker

gold haram designs

Weight: 88 grams (full set), Price: 515,856 Rs (Currently)

Awesome! Balls made of gold are used in one site of complete chokers. And on the other side stylish leaves are designed with the help of foreign instrument’s. All in all, most of the women are mesmerized by its beauty. Generally, these chokers are very popular among women in Dubai.

And this choker along with haram set is also worn by Dubai women in their weddings. The design you see below has three parts. Its beauty has become more different due to two more small parts at the bottom. Each choker and haramset in today’s collection is made entirely of 22 carat pure gold.

Each is hallmarked. Due to their extremely precise construction, they will be very durable. Currently, these chokers and harem sets are very popular in the trending fashion style.

Conclusion: If you are really looking for gold choker and haram set and like it more then definitely collect these three designs. Currently, they are very popular in the market. And women are using it in abundance in their weddings. You can use them to make yourself more appreciated. Stay tuned to our website to see more attractive Gold Jewelery Designs. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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