Top 4 Gold Pendant Set for Indian Women 2022

Fatima Rani

4 Latest gold pendant set with price 2022

Here are some very Amazing gold pendant set for you. Many wanted to see the latest pendant designs with us. So we have carefully checked and brought you the best 4 gold pendant sets that are very popular and attractive nowadays. Hope you will like these pendant sets very much. These are currently being sold in large quantities in the market.

Each pendant set is made entirely of 22 carat gold. You will definitely benefit from collecting these pendant sets made of 22 carat gold. Because we all know 22 carat gold means orginal gold. So as these pendant sets in today’s collection are made of 22 carat gold. So we don’t have to worry about collecting them. You can collect them without any problems.

Each pendant set is made in very light weight due to the rise in gold prices these days. These types of pendant sets are usually the best for Indian women. Especially married women in India love these pendant sets. You can get them at very affordable prices. So let’s see the designs and know the details.

1. Latest Gold Pendant Set  with price

gold pendant set

  • gold pendant set
  • Pendant weight: 13. 30 grams 
  • Pendant price: 61,845 Rs 
  • Metal: 22k gold pendant 

This gold pendant set can also be very attractive to wear in weddings. Nowadays many women prefer gold pandal sets to wear on their weddings. Girls actually look very attractive wearing this pendant set. So if you are wondering if you will wear this pendant set at your own wedding? Then I say, of course you wear it. Hope this makes you more attractive to everyone. And everyone will admire your beauty. This is the most affordable price you can get. It is made entirely of 22 carat gold so it will be very durable.

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2. New gold pendant set with price

gold pendant set

  •  Pendant weight: 14.20 grams 
  • Pendant price: 66,030 Rs 
  • Metal: 22k gold pendant 

I hope this number two gold pendant set catches your eye very soon. Not only you but this pendant set has caught the eye of 100 of Indian women. When we first shared these designs on social media, Indian women have seen a lot of love for this pendant set. So if you are a young married woman and looking for attractive gold pendant set for yourself, you can get it without any worries. Hope wearing it will impress anyone who sees you. Even if you wear it in front of your husband, he will be impressed by you.

3. Pendant set in gold with price

gold pendant set with price

  • Pendant weight: 12.40 grams 
  • Pendant price: 57,660 Rs 
  • Metal: 22k gold pendant 

This attractive pendant set like Chand Bali design has gained a lot of popularity among Indian women these days. A lot of women specially from Delhi city of India collect this gold pendant set to wear on their wedding. You will be surprised to know that these pendant sets are very popular among women in Dubai. They wear this pendant set while going to various parties. Many people also wear it in their weddings. Anyway, this pendant set is completely made of 22 carat pure gold. This pendant set can be worn for a long time due to its exquisite craftsmanship. Buyers have found it to be very durable and robust.

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4. Latest gold pendant design with price

Gold pendant design

  • Pendant weight: 11.50 grams 
  • Pendant price: 53,475 Rs 
  • Metal: 22k gold pendant 

First of all, I am showing you other pendant set in the same design as the gold pendant set that I showed you at the end of today’s collection. Although it looks very similar to the first pendant set, if you notice you will notice a different design in it. The design in this pendant set is very unique. Such a design has not been seen before. If you are looking for unique gold pendant set, then you can collect it. Each pendant set in today’s collection is made entirely of orginal gold. Don’t worry about getting cheated by collecting them. If you want to collect them, you can collect them from any large jewelry shop in your city.

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