latest light weight Gold Necklaces for ladies 2023

Fatima Rani

latest light weight Gold Necklaces

Like everyday I bring you some of today’s latest light weight Gold Necklaces designs. If you are looking for light weight necklaces or looking for three gram or four gram gold necklaces, stay tuned with us. Because constantly we bring you a large number of light weight necklaces. You will find the best necklace designs of your choice from here.

Due to the huge demand across the country, these attractive light necklaces come before us constantly. They weigh between three and four grams. How many more are in five villages? They are as attractive as they look and will easily catch your eye. It has gained huge popularity in the market for all time wear. So let’s see the necklaces of today’s collection.

latest light weight Gold Necklaces:

1. New designed gold necklace


I have brought this new necklace from today’s collection just for you. You are an Indian woman and it can be great for you. You can collect them and gift them to anyone without any worries. It will be a quality gift for loved ones. Because you yourself know that gold ornaments are highly accepted so people are always very happy to gift them. It looks extremely shiny as it is made of pure gold.

  • New and Atractive gold necklace designs with price
  • Necklace weight: 3.50 grams 
  • Necklace price: 20,517 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k orginal gold 

2. Some goat head design


This attractive gold necklace is made of only 3 grams of gold. Although this is surprising, it is true. If you want to collect it, then collect it. Today it is in the market and it has gained a lot of popularity. Lots of men have collected it to gift their girlfriends. Since today is Friday, many people will visit relatives for the holiday. So today you can take it as a gift for little girls at relative’s house.

  • Necklace weight: 2.80 grams 
  • Necklace price: 16,413.6 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k orginal gold 

3. 3 grams gold necklace

light weight Gold Necklaces

Jewelery design means perfect design. Although each design looks similar, different designs can be realized in each one. And each necklace has a different beauty. Different types of necklaces are worn at one time or another. Commonly, light weight necklaces are most used while going to parties. And bridal gold necklace designs are worn in wedding ceremonies. Everyone uses bridal necklaces because the wedding actually has a lot of budget.

  • Necklace weight: 2.90 grams 
  • Necklace price: 16,999.8 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k orginal gold 

4. Necklace in 5 grams

beautiful gold necklace in light weight

The rest of this Chand Bali necklace is made with garo red color stone studded tora. It is generally preferred by women from middle class families in India. So if you are a woman from a middle class family and looking for a light weight necklace for yourself, then get this one. Those bands of red colored stones are actually very attractive. It shows the back of the neck very nicely. Made in just four grams of gold.

  • Necklace weight: 3.90 grams 
  • Necklace price: 22,861.8 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k orginal gold 

5. 4 Grams necklace with price

attractive necklace

Here comes another light weight necklace designed by Chand Bali for women in Mumbai city. It is widely preferred not only by women in Mumbai but also by women in Dubai. A different kind of beauty is hidden in it. If you want to collect it for yourself, you can do so by visiting any jewelery shop. Each necklace is made of two to three grams of gold. So these are very cheap prices you can collect.

  • Necklace weight: 4.20 grams 
  • Necklace price: 24,620.4 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k orginal gold 

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