SSC exam 2021 update news today | Results Auto Pass?

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ssc exam 2021 update news today

Dear students, what will happen if the HSC exam and SSC exam of 2021 are not held! And how likely is it that if the corona infection increases, will the auto pass we? Or will the results be published through assignment? Today I will talk about all the updated news on all these topics.

We will talk here about the exam of 2021 SSC and HSC candidates. It has been published on an official website that if the coronavirus grows, auto pass will be given. They basically said there is a possibility of auto pass if the coronavirus increases.

And you know very well! Corona infection is a thing that is present, may not happen again tomorrow, may come again the next day. That is, it is decreasing at some point and increasing at another time. It is still summer and after a while, winter will come. Coronavirus infection can then increase.

So these issues are pretty much uncertain. The Ministry of Education has spread various news about this, you can know about it now. According to the Ministry of Education, after a long year and a half of closure, all the educational institutions in the primary, secondary and higher secondary levels were reopened on September 12.

He then said that the students are being taught regularly with the aim of organizing SSC and HSC examinations properly. And exam preparation is being done in a very important way. And they further said that if the coronavirus infection does not increase then HSC test will be taken next November and SSC test in December.

And one more important thing has been said about it, if the corona infection increases, then the Ministry of Education will move towards auto pass again. This is about the Ministry of Education. And that is very likely to happen.

In fact, the main thing is that if they can’t take the test, maybe they will evaluate through the assignment or instruct you to do the assignment anew. They further said that they are fully prepared for the test.

If they find a favorable condition to take the test, they will take the test. In that case, even if they take the test, they will take the test of the three subjects and will give marks to the rest through subject mapping. They have informed every board of education about giving exams and have given importance to complete preparation.

Coronavirus since unbridled! The Ministry of Education can take any alternative route for this. Besides, you all know that the Ministry of Education has counted all the numbers of the assignments that you have done. So maybe the assignment will give you SSC and HSC results through evaluation.

And through the assignment, the Ministry of Education has also found out how many marks a student got? Therefore, if there is no test, then there is a possibility of evaluation through assignment. In fact, they are playing a very important role in taking the test.

But they say if you can’t take the test, you will be assessed through assignment. In fact, the coronavirus is rampant. Such as coronary infections in 5 percent at present. But suppose if it increases to 15 to 20 percent you can’t take the test, then they will give you the result through assignment. This was the main topic today.

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