Democrat Charlie Crist will take on Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in November

800,000 votes are no where near the 5 million voters in Florida. DeSantis will win obviously. 

Go to California Democrats! Another failure. Last thing we need is this Politician to win, 

we should all send him home to spend some time with his grandchildren and leave us in peace.

Hmmm why even bother to run against De Santis. Should just give up now. 

He'll lose, will take it on the chin, be offered some cush position, 

given a few stock options & write a book about "Not Sees in America!" 

It's the WWE, folks and you're just a spectator.

People at abc actually got paid more money than most of us make to throw together this useless bit of footage. 

 There‚Äôs absolutely no force in the universe that will stop DeSantis from winning. Jesus would lose in the primaries. 

I don't understand why Crist would run for an office he will definitely NOT win. He is an embarrassment.