GABBIE HANNA IS NOT OKAY (the internet is worried)

The fact that she let a complete stranger into her home… when she snaps out of this episode, 

she’s going to be absolutely HORRIFIED. He did a HOUSE TOUR? HE POSTED A VIDEO OF HER LICENSE PLATE? 

Absolutely shame on him. The whole Nick situation made my heart drop

I can't imagine finding out that someone knows who you are and lied to you- 

about it just to get into your home. That's so invasive. 

“Gabbie’s spouting of racist and transphobic things, unprovoked, is inexcusable behavior.”

Seeing all of this happen in realtime was so damn concerning...

Even if he was an innocent stranger just looking to use the bathroom, 

she shouldn't just let him in. He wasn't only posting from inside her house and looking through her medication, 

as soon as she kicked him out he went live to justify his "helpfulness". This dude really thought he was the one who needed to help her.