Kansas vs North Carolina - Highlights of the 2022 National Basketball Game

Man, what a games! Instant classic. Give Kansas credit for coming back from being down 15 at the half to win it all.

They showed great resolve. North Carolina had an amazing run as a No. 8 seed. 

What a game, what a tournament, what a season. Congrats to Kansas on such a hard fought win. 

This tourney truly was One Shining Moment. how is this possible.

What's the big deal? One came from Kansas, a lifelong Ku fan. So many years of high ranking and getting smaller .

His grandfather had a season ticket since 1960, with him going to his first game. Great.

She left the world this year and I know she will now party with him in Lawrence. Go to the legend!

What a wonderful game, what a wonderful tournament, what a season. Congratulations to Kansas for winning such a tough fight. Great championship .

They were the neglected 1 seed that I saw in a while. I'm glad they finally came to the top! ..

Congratulations Kansas!! UNC played their hearts out and left it on the floor!!