Check out the highlights of the opponent's 1-1 draw with Leicester City in the Premier League.

David de Gea has been hailed by almost everyone as the best player of the season. No one else comes near.

Throughout the game we have seen David de Gea play a great game. And no one could play like him.

Yes although Ronaldo is the second best player, there is a huge gap.

The team was not playing well again. They played the whole game upside down. But they were lucky.

The team was likely to lose today. But De Gea as the best player survived the defeat.

Fantastic! I think he should be the captain! Hopefully this season will end soon for United!

It's a weird feeling to be embarrassed to be a Manchester United fan.

Their ability to do this was very bad. It was virtually a loss of reality. Because,

Seeing half smiles on the faces of the players at the end of the game, 

it seemed that they were happy with the draw. In fact, they have lowered the standard of their club