12+ Latest Simple Gold Necklace in 50,000 Rs

Fatima Rani

12+ Latest Simple Gold Necklace in 50,000 Rs

Here are some very attractive simple gold necklaces for you. Which will be great to wear all the time. And if you want, you can go to any festival and give it to someone as a gift. The gold necklaces that have been brought for you today. These are sold in large quantities for gift giving.

So you can collect them for gifting without any worries. You can collect them at very low cost. And they are very durable. Here are the necklaces made in different designs. So you can pick up whatever you like from your nearest jewelry store.

1. Simple Gold Necklace in 50,000 rs

Simple Gold Necklace in 50,000 rs

  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Price: 44,800 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

This simple gold necklace will make you want to collect it too. Because a completely unique design has been used in them. If you look closely, you can see that the entire necklace is in a floral design. Sometimes a single flower is used along with a gold chain. It will be perfect for young girls. So you can definitely collect it for any young girl in your home or your own daughter. And she will be very happy to give it to her as a gift.

2. Latest Gold necklace designs

Designer gold necklace under 50000

  • Weight: 7 grams
  • Price: 39,200 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

I have brought another unique design necklace for you at this stage. You will feel very peaceful using it. Because it is made with very light weight. And it will be very attractive if worn by married girls. Nowadays it is sold in large numbers to young women in the market. Especially newly married women are collecting it.


3. Eye Catching Gold Necklace under 50,000

Eye Catching Gold Necklace under 50,000

  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Price: 50,400 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

There are many of you who are looking for attractive gold necklaces under 50000 rupees. Every design in today’s collection will be great for them. Especially the design that is being shown to you at this stage, you can collect 50000 rupees. It also has a very eye-catching design. Which will easily take place in your mind and make you more bright and wonderful in front of anyone.

4. 45,000 Rs gold necklace

45,000 Rs gold necklace

  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Price: 44,800 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

These attractive light weight gold necklaces in just 50,000 Rs are brought only for you. We bring you these simple gold necklaces with great scrutiny. So that you can easily collect them and make yourself more attractive. Young girls of the family can collect these necklace for gifting. These necklace designs are very amazing for gifting.


5. Stylish gold necklace

Simple Gold Necklace for gifts

  • Weight: 7.26 grams
  • Price: 42,560 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

All woman wants to dress herself in such a way that everyone thinks she is rich when she goes somewhere. So you can make yourself appear richer among all by using this light weight gold necklace. Young girls from rich families mostly use this necklace. Especially unmarried young girls bought it the most. Besides, many girlfriends have been gifted this necklace by their boyfriends.

6. Radium polish gold necklace

Radium polish gold necklace

  • Weight: 8.50 grams
  • Price: 47,600 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

A very simple necklace design. Has been on the and sold many times before. Hence it has been gaining popularity for a long time. So don’t get hurt in any way by collecting it. Every gold necklace in today’s collection is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. If you want to collect them, you can collect them from any jewelry store in your city.

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