Latest Collection Of 15 Gram Gold Earrings Designs with Price

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15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price

15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price are currently very sought after by various women in Kolkata, India. 15 gram gold earrings look really great when worn by Indian women. If you are looking for gold earrings under 15 grams, then you have come to the right place. Because today I will show you here very popular and durable full earrings in 15 gram gold. Hope you will like them very much.

Each and every gold earring in today’s collection is exquisitely designed. These earrings have gained the most fame in the market due to their innovative designs. Each earring is carefully selected and brought to you by us. These are the most sold in the current market and customers are very happy wearing these earrings. Many are collecting them to wear to weddings.

We will inform you about the weight and price of each gold earring. Hope you get more detailed discussion about these earrings. If you want to collect these earrings, you can collect them from the big jewelry store in your city. Show these photos to a jewelry store and they will make you one. Hope you won’t face any problem in collecting them. Here are all about 15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price.

1. 15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price

earrings Designs 3

  • 15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price
  • earring weight: 10.51 grams 
  • Earrings price: 49,013.24 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

These perfectly designed attractive gold earrings have easily caught the attention of hundreds of women. These earrings are most collected by the women of Kolkata, India. Nowadays these earrings are worn by women of Kolkata city in their weddings. Looking at these densely designed earrings, many people think that it might get ruined very easily.

But you will be surprised to know that one thing that buyers of these gold earrings mention a lot about it is that it is very durable. It is very robust due to its extremely precise construction. So there is no worry of breakage or damage.

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2. Gold earrings designs with price

earrings Designs 1

  • earring weight: 10 grams 
  • Earrings price: 46,620 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

We came to know about this gold earrings after sharing them on social media. You will be surprised to know that within few hours it gained a lot of popularity on social media and most of the women expressed their desire to collect it.

Not only this but many husbands are very keen to make their wives wear it. There are many husbands who love their wives so much, they wish to gift such gold earrings to their wives. So if you are a man, you can collect and gift it to your wife.

3. New gold earrings buy now

15 gram Gold Earrings designs

  • earring weight: 11 grams 
  • Earrings price: 51,282 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

These attractive gold earrings have a slightly different design. Which has caught the attention of Indian women. Even the ladies of Dubai city are very fond of these gold earrings. Nowadays these attractive gold earrings have gained popularity in different countries all over the world. Because when these designs go to different countries through social media, they want to collect these earrings. Besides, these gold earrings are precious but will make your fashion style very attractive.

4. Latest 15 grams gold earrings with price

15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price 2

  • earring weight: 10.52 grams 
  • Earrings price: 49,044.24 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

Nowadays, many Indian women are living in America. And they find attractive 15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price from there on various online platforms. So if you are one of them, then definitely follow our website. Because today’s collection of gold earrings that I have brought for you, I hope they have caught your attention. You can visit our website to see more such gold jewelery designs. Very attractive and popular gold jewelery group is available here.

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5. 10 gram Gold Earrings Designs

10 gram Gold Earrings Designs

  • earring weight: 9.50 grams 
  • Earrings price: 44,289 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

The gold earrings mentioned in the photo above are made of only 10 grams of gold. There are many of you who are looking for 10 gram gold earrings. It can be great for them. Nowadays our native women have collected these gold earrings in large numbers. These gold earrings are made entirely of twenty one carat gold. Due to its extremely precise construction, it will be very durable. You can safely use it for many days.

6. 15 grams gold earrings

10 gram Gold Earrings designs with price

  • earring weight: 14.20 grams 
  • Earrings price: 66,200.4 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

There are a lot of women in India who love to wear the gold earrings that are preferred by women in Dubai. These 15 gram Gold Earrings designs with price will be great for them. Because it is very popular among women in Dubai. And these gold earrings are made from their favorite designs. So you can wear it and bring out the beauty in yourself like the women of Dubai city. It is also made of twenty one carat gold. So don’t worry about being cheated in any way. Because you know very well that 21 carat gold means pure gold.

7.  12 Grams gold earrings designs

12 Grams gold earrings designs

  • earring weight: 11.80 grams 
  • Earrings price: 55,011.6 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold 

Last of today’s collection I bring you another gorgeous 15 gram gold earrings. Hope you like it very much. Every gold earrings in today’s collection is very classy and popular. We have carefully selected these gold earrings for you. Hope any one of these you collect and wear will surely be appreciated by all. If you wish to collect these gold earrings, then you can collect them from the big jewelery store in your city. Hope you will benefit greatly by collecting these gold earrings.

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