6 Viral Gold Earrings Designs with Price

Fatima Rani

Viral Gold Earrings

Today we bring you some 21 carat gold earrings that have gone viral in recent times. Which can make your mind happy. And the design in each earring is completely new and unique. You can collect these earrings to wear all the time. Or collect to give as a gift to someone else. These earrings are currently being sold in large quantities as jewelery gifts. So you must collect it without delay. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to collect them. You can collect from any jewelry store in your city. Or you can contact us.

1. Bridal gold earrings

Bridal gold earrings

Bridal gold earrings are very popular in the market today. Women collect these earrings to wear on their weddings. Especially girls from middle class families or girls from poor families are mostly using these earrings in their weddings. So you can also wear these earrings on your wedding or any occasion. This earring weighs around 8 grams. As per the current market it will be priced at Rs 53,600.

2. Cheapest price gold earrings

Cheapest price gold earrings

It is also very popular among the earrings of recent times. There are many of you who want to see earrings photos in different places, our website will be enough for them. Because you will find lots of photos on our website. You can collect them for yourself or download them and keep them in your phone gallery. The weight of this earring is 5 grams. As per the current market it will cost 26,800.

3. Low cost gold earrings

Low cost gold earrings

Who wouldn’t love this new model of attractive gold earrings! Everyone wants to collect for themselves. In fact it will fit your ears very well. It looks like it is small but tall. So it will look great on any woman’s ears. These earrings are especially great as gifts for women. So if you want any husband can collect for their wife. It weighs 6 grams and will cost Rs 40,200 as per the current market.

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4. Eye catching gold earrings

Eye catching gold earrings

Crafted with just 4 grams of gold, these striking long earrings are stunning. It can be collected by married women to wear always. This is a very attractive earring at a low price. So for those who are looking for attractive gold earrings in low cost, this will be great. The price of these earrings will be Rs 26,800.

5. Small gold earrings for daily use

Small gold earrings for daily use

Nowadays jewelery gifts have become very popular among women. So it is seen that various boyfriends look for attractive lightweight gold earrings to gift their girlfriends. These earrings can be great for them. This is because very little gold has been used in these earrings. And it is very popular as small size earrings. Would be great for younger girls. No problem wearing it in the ear all the time. So any woman can collect and wear it. This earring weighs 3 grams. According to the current market, its price will be Rs 20,100.

6. Latest viral gold earrings

Latest viral gold earrings

These latest earrings are the most attractive and unique design among all the earrings in today’s collection. If you look closely, you can see that the design in it is completely new. No earring with such a design has been seen before. So you can definitely use these earrings to dress yourself up in new designs. It weighs 7 grams. According to the current market, the price will be Rs 46,900.

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