7+ Bridal Gold Necklace in Light Weight

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Bridal gold necklace in light weight

Dear, today we have brought for you some  Bridal Gold Necklace in Light Weight with very nice and attractive designs. Which you can wear in wedding. These types of necklaces are very easy to wear especially for women from middle class families in weddings. So if you want to collect attractive gold necklaces at a low cost, then this will definitely be enough for you. I will inform you about the weight and price of each design. If you want, you can make more or less of that weight. So let’s see today’s designs.

1. Low cost gold necklace for brides

Low cost gold necklace for brides

  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Price: 77,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

This light weight necklace can be worn by middle class or poor family women on their wedding. It is very easy to collect and very attractive to wear. It is made with very light weight. So anyone can collect. As the price of gold is high these days, these types of necklaces are being sold in large quantities.

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2.  Bridal Gold Necklace with price

Bridal gold necklace with price

  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Price: 176,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

If you want to immerse yourself in gold and are looking for large size bridal gold necklace designs, then this is definitely perfect for you. It has very matching jhumka designs and bridal gold bangle designs. The complete set will make you look amazing when you wear it.

3. Eye Catching gold necklace

Eye Catching gold necklace

  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Price: 110,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

Every gold necklace in today’s collection is the latest in the market. And these are being sold in large quantities in the market. So if you are looking for latest design gold necklaces, then definitely check out each necklace in today’s collection. The weight and price of each necklace is detailed. Hope these will be very useful for you.

4. Fancy style gold necklace

Fancy style gold necklace

  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Price: 132,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

Fancy style gold necklaces are now very popular among Indian girls. Especially when going to different parties, these types of necklaces are used the most. So in today’s collection we have brought you a fancy style necklace with a very nice design. Which is absolutely beautiful for you. You will definitely be respected when you go anywhere wearing it.

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5. Floral design necklace

Floral design necklace

  • Weight: 19 grams
  • Price: 104,500 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

Usually each necklace has a wonderful floral design. But as you can see in this photo above, there are many different types of flower designs. Which has increased the beauty of this gold necklace even more. Its design has caught the attention of many women. and has taken place in their minds. It will be wonderful if you wear it with bridal blouse designs.

6. Beautiful gold necklace designs with price

Beautiful gold necklace designs with price

  • Weight: 28 grams
  • Price: 154,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold
  • Tips: best for brides

Out of all the gold necklaces in today’s collection, this necklace is the most attractive one for you. It is made entirely of twenty one carat gold. So there is no chance of being cheated by collecting it. Besides, they are made very precisely so there is no worry of spoiling. You can wear it while going to any event you want.

7. Bridal gold necklace in light weight

Bridal gold necklace design in light weight

  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Price: 88,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

If you are looking for gold necklaces for brides in light weight. Then every gold necklaces in today’s collection will be awesome. Because brides have to wear some heavy weight gold necklaces. Moreover they do not look attractive. So these oversized necklaces are made with as light weight as possible. So they will definitely be highly appreciated by wearing them. You can collect these bridal necklaces of today’s collection from any jewelry store in your city.

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