9 Latest Light Weight Long Necklace with Price

Fatima Rani

Light weight long necklace

Another jewelry favorite among Indian girls is light weight long necklace designs. Indian girls love to wear gold long necklace designs while attending various festivals. Especially they wear these long necklaces in their weddings. Many people know these designs as gold haram designs. Many people know it as Mangalsutra design.

However, these gold long necklaces from today’s collection will be great for you. You can take it for granted. You will be informed about the weight and price of each design. What is very pleasing is that every design is made with absolutely light weight. So there will be no difficulty in collecting them.

1. Long gold necklace designs under 1 Lakhs

Long gold necklace designs under 1 Lakhs

  • Weight: 16.12 grams
  • Price: 92,690 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

These stunning gold necklace can make you unusually attractive as a bride. Usually there are many women who wear long necklace designs in their weddings. But there are many young girl who only use necklace designs in their wedding. But in reality these long gold necklaces bring a different kind of beauty to the neck of girls.

2. Latest light weight long necklace

Latest Gold long necklace

  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Price: 92,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Almost all the experienced people from the popular sites have liked this light weight long necklace very much. Also common women who are looking for attractive necklaces to wear on their weddings also want to collect it.

Then you understand how popular this necklace is! You can collect it if you want and earn a lot of appreciation. They are currently the most sold due to being made with extremely light weight.


3. Long necklace for brides

Long necklace for brides

  • Weight: 14.30 grams
  • Price: 82,225 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Indian women prefer long necklaces among gold necklaces to wear on their weddings and other festival. Most of the Indian girl are using these long shaped sweet flower designed necklaces in abundance in their weddings. More interesting designs can be made in long necklaces. This would be great for younger girls.

4. Long necklace with price

Long necklace with price

  • Weight: 15.10 grams
  • Price: 86,825 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Women from middle class families in India prefer to wear large size gold necklaces in light weight when they want to attend weddings. If you are one of them and looking for an attractive gold necklace for yourself, then definitely get it. Wear it with your native saree and you will definitely gain status wherever you go.

5. New style long necklace

New style long necklace

  • Weight: 14.20 grams
  • Price: 81,650 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

The wedding gold long necklace design you see in the above mentioned photo has a very perfect design. Which makes any woman fall in love with it. It is also sold in large quantities in the big jewelry market.

6. Simple Gold long necklace

Simple Gold long necklace

  • Weight: 14.20 grams
  • Price: 81,650 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Every necklace in today’s collection is made in a very simple design. So if you want to wear simple long necklace design, then definitely buy it. There are many of you who want to see the designs of regular gold necklaces. If you stay with us, you can see new designs constantly.


7. Gold necklace in long size

Gold necklace in long size

  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Price: 80,500 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Our modern fashion style women find more and more exquisite style gold long necklace for marriage to wear on their wedding. The long necklace shown to you at number seven has again a magnificent floral design on top of the perfect design. This long necklace weight 14 grams. As per the current market price of this necklace is 80,500 .

8. New designs long necklace

New designs long necklace

  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Price: 86,250 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

I hope this has settled very well in your mind. In fact it will give a very good look for Indian brides. Brides wearing it will leave their loved ones absolutely mesmerized when they walk into the house. You can use it to celebrate your wedding festival more attractively.

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9. Gold long necklace in light weight

Gold long necklace in light weight

  • Weight: 14.60 grams
  • Price: 83,950 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

Last of today’s collection I bring you another mind blowing light weight long necklace. Which you can collect to wear all the time. You can also buy it from the market to give as a gift to someone. Every design in today’s collection is crafted with 21 carat pure gold.

So you can collect them and benefit if you want. If you want to collect these designs, you can collect them from any jewelry store near you. Be sure to visit our site to see more such jewelry designs.

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