9 Wardrobe Pieces You Will Wear Forever

Fatima Rani

10 Wardrobe Pieces You Will Wear Forever

Moving this because, I can’t take the glass out. And you can see it but, it says more issues than Vogue love this. So today we are talking about the 10 wardrobe pieces, that you will wear forever in your closet.

What is the 10 piece wardrobe?

  1. Black dress
  2. Trench coat 
  3. Navy Trench coat
  4. Pair of Jeans
  5. Tailored trousers 
  6. Classic button-down white shirt
  7. Versatile dress
  8. Mid heel shoe
  9. Striped sweater
  10. Reversible belt


1. Black blazer Wardrobe Pieces

Black Blazer

So we’re going to start with number one. The first item is a black blazer and this is such a style staple. You’re going to wear it over and over forever. Because it elevates every outfit, that you put it on or put it with. You can wear it with white jeans. You can wear jeans, you can wear it with black pants, you can wear khakis. It’s just such a beautiful easy piece to elevate your look. I always wear a jacket. I were doing for a brand that you sent me like this big puffy like winter coat.

And I’m here in South Florida and it was like a September. I think it was like August, September that we were shooting this. And we couldn’t find anything that looked wintry. It was all green and palm trees. I was like. I’m just so tired of trying to force like I’m in a different environment, which I’m not like. It was very hard, unless. I built a set on the sidewalk making it look like, I was in you know a colder climate.

I just said you know what. I just can’t do it anymore and then, I started styling myself with my bathing suits and my Blazers. I just really enjoyed. It no one gets it. I get it because I’ve been wearing Blazers since. I love Blazers I will always wear it so this Blazers. I picked out on consignment it’s from Laura piano for Brooks Brothers. It has the gold buttons. It’s really really beautiful fits perfectly. It feels like butter.

it’s just such a beautiful jacket. It’s like a staple. It’s a perfect length. It’s not too long and it’s not too short. And I do like the gold button detail because, I feel like this really elevates it. I can match it with a gold belt or I can do gold jewelry. I can even mix it up too and wear silver if I want to.

I always mix metal. So it doesn’t really limit me. But I’m going to find affordable, I’m going to do like low mid and high tier in each category for you. Because I know you’re not going to sit and try to find something like on consignment takes forever.


2. Trench coat

Trench coat

Number two is going to be a trench coat Wardrobe Pieces. I have a couple options for you in this category. So I bought this first one. It is a two-tone. It’s black and I like that. I like the fact that it gave me a little bit more versatility, that it wasn’t just a typical trench coat with one color. I really like the style of this it feels really wonderful. I think that you can always find a great trench.

No matter what I don’t think this is still in. I don’t this was these are past season. This is just something, that’s going to really be something that you can travel with that you can throw on, when it’s a little bit chilly or it’s going to be raining. It just elevates your look. This is going to be over jeans or you can wear it over anything. This is like it definitely Trench coat kind of outfit.


3. Navy Trench coat

Navy Trench coat

Now my second one is a Navy Trench coat. I really love this. This is one of the pieces that I picked out. I just checked they did have this on sale. And went down to like 160 and it sold out. So I will find another Navy trench coat for you. But I definitely like the details on this. It’s pleated in the back, it is really interesting with the snaps.

It’s just really kind of it flows with the body. It’s not really heavy, it’s not stiff, it’s just a little bit more Slinky. I really like that but having a traditional trench coat or going into a color like a Navy. I think it’s a really wonderful option because you can pair them with anything. You will wear it forever. These are going to be Staples.


4. Pair of Jeans

Pair of Jeans

My next item is finding the perfect pair of jeans. So when you find a perfect pair of jeans and you know what I’m talking about, you will wear them until they literally fall apart. I’ve done that so many times. So high-waisted straight jeans are really wonderful. I recently bought these. I’ve been really happy with them. They’re not too like tight, not too slim, not too whatever. They’re just like this perfect kind of Jean, that is getting better the more. I wear them. So I really love the wash too.

it’s not too dark, it’s not too light. So it’s just kind of in between. So jeans are a really great staple. As you know you have to spend the time trying to find what really works for your body type. Do you like high-waisted jeans, do you like a little bit lower waisted jeans, you like skinny jeans, do like straight leg jeans, do you like boot cut jeans, you have to really understand what fits your body.

The best and what you really feel good in and you know this is my kind of test for that, if they don’t feel good on me and they don’t make me feel amazing and I don’t look in the mirror and be like, those are awesome I will donate them.

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5. Tailored trousers

Tailored trousers

My next item is having a perfect pair of tailored trousers. So I have these black tailored trousers, that I absolutely love. They’re pleated in the front. They fit beautifully these are Escada. That I bought on the real probably about five years ago and they were tailored. When I got them. So most of my stuff is just randomly altered. So this happens to be a pant that I think came from a women.

I was buying from because all of my pants from Scotto were altered. I thought it was funny, it had to be from the same. So I was like. I think I’m buying someone’s closet just random like random pieces that she’s been consigning but that was every time.

This is really a beautiful look you can wear it to work and then go to cocktails you can you know dress it up, dress it down. You can wear high heels with it, you can wear kitten heels having a really great pair of black pants.


6. Classic button-down white shirt

Classic button-down white

My next item is having a classic button-down white shirt Wardrobe Pieces. I bought it last year. It’s a classic fit. I bought a six but I really probably should have bought an eight. I wanted maybe a little bit more room. I felt like when I washed it. I wanted a little bit more room but, it still fits beautifully but this is something you’re going to wear forever. This goes with jeans, this goes with the black trousers, this goes with white jeans.

If you want to do a white on white look, I mean you can wear this over anything also. I showed you on the slip dress before, you can use this, you can wear this over like a little jacket tied up the waist. So many different ways to wear a white Oxford. It’s such a staple piece wear it underneath the black blazer, I mean this is something that you definitely want to invest.

7. Versatile dress

Versatile dress

The next item is a versatile dress. This is the slip dress and this is something that can be your base and it doesn’t matter. If you’re going on vacation it’s the perfect dress for travel. Because you can make a million outfits out of this, but if you want to know wear your slip dress put a sweater over it looks like. You’re wearing a skirt. You can throw a jean jacket over it.

You have a casual look, you can wear it with tennis shoes, you can belt it you can do all kinds of different things with it. I can throw over you know a shirt and make it look like. I’m wearing a skirt it’s just such a great piece. It’s always wonderful to have that versatile dress. That you’re going to wear forever and have so many options with.

8. Mid heel shoe

Mid heel shoe

My next item is the mid heel shoe Wardrobe Pieces. This is really practical. Because maybe you don’t want to wear the high heel shoe, maybe you can’t wear high heels anymore and you don’t want to wear a flat. I think you’re wearing an outfit that definitely needs a little height. So I love the mid heel because it’s almost just like a kitten heel. I have these little heels here. So it doesn’t like wrap the shoe on the bottom but these are really comfortable.

These are actually look like lace or mesh. So they’re very comfortable. You can wear them with jeans but you’re still looking elevated. You’re not wearing flats or you have that little slip dress on and you want to have that little kitten heel looks really feminine. So that is a perfect shoe to have that you’re going to wear forever.

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9. Striped sweater

Striped sweater

My next item is the striped sweater. I find this to be a go-to. I wear this over and over again. I throw it with jeans I literally can go days with the same outfit. Because, I just love these sweaters and they’re just so classic. They are such a great. They look great on everyone.

So I just recently bought this Madewell one from Nordstrom. It’s under $100. So comfortable and you can see that it can go with black trousers. That I just showed you. I had a little bit of a struggle when I was doing this because I couldn’t really. I wasn’t looking actually in the mirror.

10. Reversible belt

Reversible belt

My last item is a reversible belt Wardrobe Pieces. I find these so useful. I wear them over and over. I’ll wear it forever because it’s so practical. I have on this belt. I have black on one side and then all. I have to do is just twist. The metal part and it goes to the other side. So then I have this blush. So this is really practical for me. It is something that I will wear forever because, it goes with everything.

so my black belt goes with everything. It’s not gold. So it’s a little bit, not a bright gold. So that’s really nice and then I have this blush on the other side, which you would be so surprised on how many outfits. I can get with having just this blush color. It’s very light, it’s very pretty looks.


So that is what I had picked out for you. That Wardrobe Pieces is great staple pieces you will wear over and over again. You will not be disappointed. I think is really worth it and you know it is quality. It’s not something that you know is just too expensive or too cheap. So ladies what do you think do you have any other items that you wear in your closet over and over and over again like if you worn forever. I’ll see you later.

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