Designer Colourful Mangalsutra Design with Price

Fatima Rani

Designer colourful mangalsutra with price

Mangalsutra design has derived from two words, mangal and sutra. Mangalsutra is considered as a very  important jewelery in our Hindu culture. Married women consider Sindoor, bhindi and mangalsutra is a very important piece of jewelry. In our Hindu culture many parts of India a pendant necklace called a mangalsutra, is tied around a Hindu bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony, a symbol that the couple is bound of love, faith and respect.

Daily wear short gold mangalsutra designs by people choice have become essential accessories for every hindu women. Why? These ornaments are attractive, simple yet stylish. You can wear them with just about everything with any of your Indian or Wester mangalsutra attire. Keeping your comfort in mind, we design everyday wear pieces that are light-weight and available in pocket friendly price.

Different mangalsutra designs and colors of mangalsutra are available in this catalogue, which is very beautiful, you can choose any mangalsutra by looking at our catalog, we also have the facility of home delivery. People choice have very unique and extensive selection of gold Mangalsutra latest designs to go with every wardrobes.


1. Mangalsutra in horn shape

This is the first mangalsutra of our today’s collection, this is a mangalsutra made in deep green colored pearls and golden colored beads. Its locket is made in the shape of two horns, which are connecting together, this is a new type of pendant which is very trendy nowadays.The sleek design in mangalsutra is becoming quite popular among young brides who prefer something stylish and classy.

2. Very traditional mangalsutra

This is a very beautiful mangalsutra made in red color, this design is very famous in India, it has eleven leaf design, which are coming from both the corners, in the position from smallest to big, there is a big a Patel in the middle. Mangalsutra itself is the hallmark of a wonderful workmanship.Team it up with western or traditional attire, this gold mangalsutra will grab all the attention.


3. Mangalsutra in half moon shape

This mangalsutra is made from red and golden color multilayer beads, its pendant is in the shape of a half moon.The full pendant has been designed using very finely cut-work on it which is giving it very attractive look.This petal-shaped gold mangalsutra has exquisite glamour with priceless beauty.Brighten up your married life with this glamorous piece of gold mangalsutra.Adorn it with a traditional sari and look as charming as always.

4. Menakari mangalsutra in crystal

This mangalsutra is a very famous design in Indian culture, it can be easily bought and worn by many women, due to its light-weight, its price is very reasonable.The mangalsutra chain is made from red and golden color crystal.To maintain its traditional quality, red and green enamel work has been used in it, which is giving it a new look.Designed with modern and traditional mixture of this pendant this gold mangalsutra will definitely give you a classy look.

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5. Pink colour mangalsutra

Any married woman is incomplete without mangalsutra, mangalsutra is considered to be her biggest jewelry after marriage.This design of mangalsutra is very traditional, green and red enamel work has been done to give it a new look and Its china has a whole selection of pink color in it and golden color in between, After making, the whole mangalsutra is creating a new and trendy look.Brighten up your married life with this glamorous piece of gold mangalsutra.

6. Green colour beads mangalsutra

Make your newly wedding look attractive with this stylish gold mangalsutra. A married woman is always too busy trying to balance work and home and for that, they need jewellery that is easy to carry, simple yet stylish. That’s why we have curated this green colour simple lustrous gold mangalsutra beautiful and hardworking ladies Who likes to wear traditional jewelry with a modern touch.pendant in the middle to enhance the entire look. Best for party aur any festival occasion.

7. Butterfly shape mangalsutra

There is a mangalsutra which we can wear everyday.This mangalsutra is complemented with small maroon colored pearls and golden colored beads, its man attraction is its pendant,The design of the pendant is like a butterfly design, which is quite beautiful, a round shape is also made in the middle and two wings are designed on both sides. You can take it to gift your special one to any special occasion.

8. Double layer mangalsutra

This is a double layer mangalsutra in which meenakari work has also been done, there is a flower in the middle and multi-color meenakari work has been done on its three petals, the whole selection of it is made between blue and golden color. it looks very attractive.This gold mangalsutra will make a knot of emotion, love, and trust, and respect for your life partner. Adorn this to keep that faith in you.

9. Traditional mangalsutra of Nepal

This is a new collection of our today’s mangalsutra pendant action, it is made with sky blue color. This is the unique traditional design of pandent, which most of the women of Nepal side here consider this type of mangalsutra as their traditional mangalsutra and like to wear it.this gold mangalsutra will definitely give a classy look. Team it up with western or traditional, this gold mangalsutra will grab all the attention.

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10. Gini pendant mangalsutra

This is a small pendant which is known here as Guinea Pendant. It is quite famous in Rajasthan side of India.Its chain is made in red and golden color beats, due to its lightweight, it is a very good option for daily wear.Red color mangalsutra is the most worn mangalsutra in India. Adorn this traditional come modern Gini pendant mangalsutra to make your relationship stronger.

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