Latest Gold Bracelet Designs With Price and Weight

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gold bracelet designs

Today I will show you some of the latest popular gold bracelet designs. Extremely attractive and durable full design these gold bracelets. In this world of fashion we use a variety of fashion accessories to further enhance our lifestyle. We are constantly coming up with different new types of fashion items. We all want to make ourselves more beautiful and attractive in front of everyone. That’s why we are always looking for new fashion items. And we collect and use what we like.

In this world of fashion, jewelry design has a huge importance in our lives. The women of our country love to wear Jewelry designs very much. Jewelry designs are worn by the women of our country especially before going to any ceremony or for going to any wedding ceremony or for one’s own wedding. Besides, women of our country always use jewelry designs.

Without jewelry design the beauty of girls remains incomplete. Girls prefer gold Jewelry in this jewelry design. Hundreds of gold ornaments are sold to the people of our country every day. These jewelry designs are present in the lives of women all over the world. Among the jewelry designs, bangles are worn by many women.

In addition to bangles, many people love to wear gold bracelet designs. Attractive gold bracelets of various new designs have come in the market as per the need of the present time. These gold bracelet designs are very cool and attractive. So let’s know the details about the bracelets.

1. Gold bracelet designs with price and weight

gold bracelet designs

First of all, the gold bracelet designs that I am showing you today is a great and interesting bracelet. These bracelet are gaining immense popularity in the market. These bracelet are mostly sold in the market. So far this gold bracelet is in great demand. In fact, this bracelet has a very meticulous design. The beauty of this bracelet is further enhanced by the fact that it is made of gold.

Because gold is a very expensive and bright thing, all things made with it are very expensive and bright. This is 22k gold bracelet designs. Buyers are happy to collect this bracelet. Many say it is their good fortune that they have been able to collect such designed gold bracelet designs. In fact, all the bracelet designs in today’s collection are very great and attractive.

If you wear these bracelet anywhere, you will catch everyone’s eye. For those of you who are looking for an attractive bracelet design in heavy weight, this bracelet I would personally say it would be great. The weight of this gold bracelet is 33 grams. According to the current market, the price of this gold bracelet is 174,900 rupees.

2. Beautiful gold bracelet designs in 35 gram

gold bracelet designs

The second gold bracelet design that I am showing you is also one of the popular bracelet designs. This is a bracelet design that goes viral online. This bracelet design buyers mostly buy for use on the wedding day. In fact this bracelet design is very great to wear on the wedding day. This bracelet is covered with mesh. And in the middle is a beautiful sunflower design. These designs have been made very strongly.

There is no risk of being broken or damaged in any way. The brilliance of the gold and the beauty of this design have greatly enhanced the beauty of this bracelet. All the bracelet designs in today’s collection are made entirely of 22k gold. The designs have been made by a very experienced native craftsman. If you are looking for eye-catching gold bracelet designs for your wedding.

Then this design is perfect for you. You can collect it without any thought. It will definitely design the bracelet to your liking. So you can purchase it without any problem. According to the current market, the price of this bracelet is 185,500 rupees.

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3. Very different type of gold bracelet designs

Beautiful gold bracelet designs and weight and price

The third gold bracelet design that I am showing you is a slightly different design from the other designs. The previous ones had a mesh-like coating, but there is no mesh-like coating in this design. This design is a very simple bracelet design. There are many people who do not like extra designed bracelets, these bracelet designs will be great.

Some small flowers have been designed. Even then, the bracelet design looks very beautiful. This bracelet design will be much more durable. The weight of this bracelet is 25 grams. According to the current market, the price of this bracelet is 132,500 rupees. 

4. Very light weight gold bracelet designs for wedding

Light weight gold bracelet designs

The bracelet design that I am showing you in the fourth number is very different from the previous three designs. This bracelet is made exclusively for use on the wedding day. This would be great for people from middle class families. There are some different types of floral designs in this gold bracelet, the designs look great with the bracelet. Because it is made of gold, its beauty is greatly enhanced.

Made in a very perfect way so there is no chance of being ruined or broken. You can use it every day if you wish. Many women from middle class families are very happy to collect these bracelet designs. This bracelet weight only 18 grams. According to the current market, the price of this bracelet is 95,400 rupees.

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