Best Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023

Minti Sah


Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023 have adorned human ears for centuries, transcending cultures and trends. These small but significant accessories are not merely decorative; they carry cultural, religious, and personal symbolism. Earrings have the power to make a bold fashion statement or subtly enhance one’s features.

In the realm of fashion, earrings come in a myriad of styles, each telling its own story. Hoops exude a timeless elegance, while statement studs capture attention with their intricate designs.

Whether chosen for a special occasion or daily wear, earrings are not just ornaments; they are a testament to the intersection of craftsmanship and personal expression in the world of jewelry.


1. Peacock pattern full earring design

“Crafted to perfection, this earring encompasses a comprehensive design that seamlessly combines various elements. The standout feature is the intricately designed peacock gracing the upper part. The peacock’s face is adorned with delicate minakari work. The entire body is shaped with a leaf-like pattern, creating an elegant and cohesive design. Completing the look is a small jhumka embellishment hanging delicately at the bottom, providing a finishing touch to this exquisite earring.

  • Weight : 13.50 grams
  • Price:- 75,600 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

2. Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023

Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023

The upper part of this enchanting earring is a stunningly crafted flower, adding a touch of natural elegance. In the center, small intricately designed balls and on one side, the graceful curvature of a peacock feather is artistically incorporated, lending a unique charm to the piece. Hanging delicately at the bottom are seven small, beautifully arranged beads of varying sizes, creating a cascading effect. The meticulous combination of floral motifs, peacock-inspired elements, and dangling beads result in a truly exquisite design.”

  • Weight : 10.90 grams
  • Price:- 61,040 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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3. Design earring with Meenakari

“Presenting a larger-than-life piece, this statement earring is more than just an accessory; it’s a work of art. The focal point of this captivating design is the intricate peacock (Mayur) motif adorning its surface. Each feather is meticulously crafted, and to elevate the design, delicate enamel work graces the peacock’s beak. The entire body of the peacock is elegantly shaped in a leaf like form, and at the bottom, a small dangling jhumka completes the ensemble.

  • Weight : 16.390 grams
  • Price:- 91,784 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

4. Flowers Pattern design

“Intricately designed, this small circular Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023 boasts a delicate charm. At its center lies a tiny flower motif, adding a touch of elegance to its overall allure. A subtle transition in the middle enhances its visual appeal, while below, three small figures which create a whimsical composition. This dainty earring encapsulates a unique and enchanting beauty, making it a delightful addition to any jewelry collection.”

  • Weight : 9.80 grams
  • Price:- 54,880 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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5. Very traditional design of earring

Traditional earring adorned with a circular Pasha design at the top, gracefully complemented by a dangling chain below. The chain leads to a petite jhumka, adding a touch of vintage charm to this classic piece. This is very beautiful piece and very traditional Gold Design Earrings for Bride 2023

  • Weight : 5.60 grams
  • Price:- 31,360 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

6. Kaan Pasha in Mayur pattern

“This piece is an exquisite earring, boasting a circular design reminiscent of a majestic peacock. The detailed whit green,red and blue meenakari work embellishes the peacock’s head, while its body is adorned with intricate floral and leaf patterns. Five dangling hanging chain add an extra touch of beauty to these earrings.”

  • Weight : 5.60 grams
  • Price:- 31,360 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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