Gold designer pendant with price

Fatima Rani

Gold designer pendant with price

Designer gold pendants dangling from a gold chain is one of the most stunning pieces of jewellery. A gold pendant is the most coveted jewellery piece. Keeping a woman’s love for pendants in mind, people choice has make the unique and antique piece of pendants for all beautiful women.

Today’s collection of our pendent, all the designs have been made in a very unique and colorful shape.Meenakari has been used in most of the pendants, due to which its look are coming very beautiful.There are so many pendants of the figure of God, which are very much in the trend nowadays, people like to wear it in their everyday life.Each pendant has its own story.

Gold pendant is such a piece of jewelry which many women like to wear in daily base. Gold pendant is such a piece of jewelry that you can easily wear it in a light party or any event, it is so designer that it can compete with even the any of your necklace. some of these pendant can be worn easily by college going girls or women who go to work, you can easily search it on our website people choice and take your favourite pendant.


1. Parrot design pendant

Pendant design 1

This beautiful gold parrot design pendant is a symbol of freedom or fly away in such a path where nobody can catch you.To give this pendant a very realistic look, red and green colored enamel has been used in it, which is turning it into a very beautiful parrot pendant.Make all your festivals memorable throughout the year with this beautiful piece of gold pendant.

2.Lord Shiv n Ganesh face pendant

This pendant is meticulously designed by our artisans.In this pendant, both the symbols of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva have been made by mixing them together, which is giving very beautiful look.White and red colored enamel has been used to highlight the eyes and tilak of Ganesha.

Ganesh ji is considered a symbol of auspiciousness.These types of pendants are very much in fashion nowadays, many people like to wear them because Because they believe that after wearing it, the good wishes of God will also be associated with them.

3. Beautiful flower pendant

A right Statement Pendant can bring any outfit to a next level. One can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with any traditional outfit. Necklaces or pendants are an essential part of any outfit. This necklace is small and cute. The small kaudi shell design on the outer border give its a morden as it currently in trend. The kaudi shell is then followed by the multicolour flower which looks soo pretty as it gives a gradient look at the center. The entire pendent as a whole gives a beautiful look.

4. Sunflower design pendant

The use of a pendant to make oneself feel beautiful from within and which can be traced back through the ages, despite having a sole purpose to be aesthetically pleasing and to enhance an outfit. This sunflower design is the most versatile design that can engraved on any pendants or necklace. The small fine detailings on the leave on the flower give a very realistic design. The Sunflower is symbolic of spiritual faith as the sunflower moves to face life-giving rays of the sun. It a symbol of happiness.

5. Butterfly motif pendant

Pendants have been used as complex visual decorations to convey various meanings; cultural, social status to dictate wealth to others, it was even normal at one stage for ladies. They have been used to demonstrate our individuality; and to show individuals expression of non-conformism in an attempt to distinguish oneself from society. This beautiful butterfly design pendant has soo many vibrant colour that look so elegant. The alternative colour pattern on the pendant gives it a elegant look.

6. Pendant in gini pattern

Necklaces and pendant are now-a-days are greatly influenced by modern art and interest of the people or generation. Pendants design are at a greatly influenced by the modern needs of the generation it is worn in. This pendant has the exact new generation vibes. It has an engraving on it center and the sun like pattern make it look similar to the new generations jewellery style. The engraving or the portrait has been finely Done on the pendant and the outer design make it look even more beautiful.

7. Beautiful peacock pendant

This pendant will make It natural with peacock design.The main attraction of this sentence is very beautifully designed and highlight the beauty of peacock feather with meenakari embellishment is an ultimate romantic allusion. This is an eye catching piece of our to take collection.Decorate yourself with this exclusive beautiful meenakari worked peacock designed pendant to look gorgeous.

8.Gold Pendant with red flower

This pendant is the biggest design of our collection today, it has a very beautiful work done with red color meenakari.This pendant has been given the shape of a flower, in which there is a big flower in the middle and the flower design has been converted into a beautiful design by using small red colored flowers in the middle of its petals.The overall look of this pendant is very beautiful, you can easily wear it in any of your family functions.

9. Beautiful gold designer pendant

Being a lady one cannot live without Jewellery. Thus, being gifted with Jewellery is quite common for ladies. Pendants are a safer alternative option to necklace. When you want to go with heavier necklace but at the same time want to give an extraordinary effect to your outfit. This shank design pendant look soo beautiful and elegant and its every small detailings makes it look even more beautiful. The flower design on it center enhance the designs and the small latkan designs gives it a elongated look without even shifting the attention from main pendent. This is a beautiful work of art.

10. Pendant in butterfly shape

Pendants are such a beautiful alternative of necklaces. These small pretty pieces of jewellery can be worn when wearing heavy jewellery does not suit your outfit or when you want some lighter alternative to heavy jewellery. This pretty heavy work pendent looks so beautiful and elegant. The outer flower design with butterfly a beautiful combination of nature. It’s giving an illusion of a butterfly sitting on a bigger flower. The small detailing on the pendants are so well done that it compliment the entire design as whole. It’s a simple pendant but yet gives an extravagant look when paired with traditional outfit.

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