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Gold Kaner Dul Design

To make yourself attractive to everyone, choose the best Gold Kaner Dul Design of your choice. Who doesn’t want to improve their fashion style. Everyone is busy to improve their fashion style. .We are constantly getting fashion accessories to improve our fashion style.

And we collect them according to our needs. Jewelry design plays a huge role in improving our fashion style. Jewelry design is used extensively by women in the same way that boys use it. .

Women love to wear gold jewelry the most. Necklace designs, especially earrings, bangles, etc., are usually worn by women. .There is a huge demand for gold earrings among our native women.

Gold earrings are used in various festivals or at one’s own wedding. Usually women find attractive earrings when they go somewhere. Besides, when our native women want to make earrings, they look for different types of designs .

Today I will show you some popular earrings for your cooperation which may be like your mind. So let’s see the designs and know the details.


1. Beautiful Kaner dul design for women

kaner dul design

The first kaner dul design I am showing you in today’s collection are great for married women. It would be great for married women to wear it and go to a relative’s house. It is also attractive to wear at weddings.

It is made entirely of 21 carat gold. A lot of chain designs have been used in this. It will be much more durable and strong. It weighs 10 grams. According to the current market, the price of 10 grams of kaner dul design is Rs. 66,694.


2. Same design Kaner dul for women

kaner dul design

I have come up with another popular gold kaner dul design of similar interest at number two. These kaner dul in today’s collection have gained a lot of popularity in the market. These are the most collected by the women of Delhi, India.

All the earrings in today’s collection are made with 100% gold. Made very perfectly by native artisans. It will be very strong. It weighs 9 grams. According to the current market, these Gold Kaner Dul Design are priced at Rs 59,469 69.


3. More attractive gold earring design

Kaner dul

I have come up with another similar oblongs Gold Kaner Dul Design Today’s four collections are great. These designs are being sold in large quantities in the market at present. You can collect it to wear at your wedding.

These are very acceptable in terms of price. Made very finely, so no worries about breaking or spoiling. You can use these every day if you wish. It weighs 11 grams. .According to the current market, 11 gram Gold Kaner Dul Design cost Rs 72,649.


4. Latest gold kaner dul design

kaner dul design

I have come up with another eye-catching kaner dul design of slightly different type for unmarried women. These kaner dul look very attractive on the ears of unmarried women. You can use it to give a gift to your loved one.

If you want to collect these, you must go to any jewelry store in your city. You will definitely benefit by purchasing these. It weighs 8 grams. According to the current market, the price of 8 gram Gold Kaner Dul Design is Rs. 54,965.


More attractive gold kaner dul designs

Hope you like these 4 designs above. We bring these for you after a lot of checking and sorting. So I hope you like each of the designs very much. You can express your opinion through comments. .Many people are attracted to light weight kaner dul. Below I will show you some light weight kaner dul design designs for them. Click on the link below .

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