Gold Price per Ounce Today in USA (14 April 2022)

Fatima Rani

gold price per ounce today in usa

Gold Price Per Ounce Today in USA Updated (14 April 2022)

Ounce US Dollars for Ounce
1 Ounce $1,974.20 USD
2 Ounce 3,948.4 USD
5 Ounce $9,871.00 USD
10 Ounce $19,742.00 USD

gold price per ounce today in usa

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Some Questions and Answer

How much is 1 oz of gold in US dollars?

We all know oz means Ounce. So today’s 1 oz gold price is $1,973.50 US Dollars. This has been determined by market scrutiny and the exact approximate gold price has been discussed

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