3 Latest and Traditional Gold Shitahar for Women

Nila Nahar

Gold Shitahar

Women frequently choose gold shitahar with exquisite finishing and a variety of designs when it comes to jewelry. However, as time has changed, 26 gram gold necklace designs that have a similar appearance to the heavy gold ornaments have taken their place.

Gold jewelry and necklaces are always in trend. Gold jewelry is a must-have for any outfit, whether it be for a joyful event, a wedding, or a traditional religious festival. But a lot of people can’t afford it. We are presenting you with the newest  26 gram gold shitahar necklace designs as a result.

Have you ever seen a gold necklace that is so thin, so inexpensive, so thrifty, yet nonetheless elegant and feminine? You haven’t, we wager! The best  26 gram long gold necklace designs have been gathered for you by our team. You can add them to your collection before the subsequent event if we check them out together.

Gold shitahar made of gold! Give us the name of one woman who dislikes gold or gold jewelry. Like diamonds, gold is the most favored metal for women’s jewelry. The newest styles in 26 grams of gold shitahar necklaces are what we have for you today.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a lightweight, simple yet elegant, endearing, and stunning statement gold necklace that suits your tastes. These 26 grams of simple, reasonably priced gold shitahar necklace designs will certainly impress and entice you. Let’s investigate them collectively!

Beautiful and Traditional Gold Shitahar for Girls:

Are you even seeking for 26 grams of gold jewelry designs? These modern designs with an antique and traditional feel are must-haves for your collection.

1. Gold Shitahar

Gold Shitahar

  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Price: 122,018 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21kt gold

This gold shitahar design provides a slightly loose necklace grip and is made entirely of gold. The necklace has a long double part pendant design, with the first pendant being a large pendant and the next two being smaller ones. The designer pattern on this sort of necklace gives it a timeless appearance, and you will get positive feedback for your decision.

You can wear it with any traditional occasions and wedding. Wear with it jhumka earrings and bangles. Saree or lehenga go well with this.

2. Two Layer Gold Shitahar

Two Layer Gold Shitahar

  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Price: 122,018 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21kt gold

When it comes to 26 gram long gold shitahar necklaces, the layered necklace style is the most popular. The necklace has two strings with comparable designs and a comparable charm at the end of each string, giving it the ability to be both long and short in length.

Try this wonderful long shitahar necklace on your wedding day and other occasions. Saree or salwer kameez you can wear with it.

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3. Long Gold Shitahar

Long Gold Shitahar

  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Price: 122,018 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21kt gold

Gold shitahar necklace designs in 26 grams is a gorgeous design that was inspired by the beautiful flowers. The necklace also has super unique work on the floral thread and in the middle of each floral. This gold shitahar necklace has a south Indian pattern and has a rich designer flair that looks great with traditional clothing.

Wear it traditional fastive and occasions. Gold earrings and finger ring you can wear with this.

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These days, individuals like 26 gm gold shitahar necklace designs more often if they want a traditional appearance. The bridal attire is heavily influenced by a related theme and features a variety of embellishments, including emeralds, stones, pearls, etc.

All females, regardless of their age, are obsessed with necklaces. They never seem to forget to wear their favorite necklace, whether they are young, old, or even a teenager who is attending college. They have many options, and the various patterns and designs that are offered in 26 grams satisfy those options.

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