Isn’t anyone doing wrong with Sharukh Khan son? This amazing question in the face of fans

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sharukh khan son

This time NCB is facing the question of the public about the issue of Aryan Khan (sharukh khan son). Aryan Khan showed anger again in the court. Now listening to Aryan, many are getting hints that Aryan may be the victim of a conspiracy. . (sharukh khan son)

Coming to the whole incident, let me say one thing before that. Aryan Khan’s release has not matched yet. He was not granted bail, but was sent to jail for 14 days. Which is very sad for Shah Rukh Khan and his family. . (sharukh khan son)

Their idea was that Aryan might be released on bail at Aryan’s bail hearing yesterday. But he was not granted bail by the court. .

Because of the NCB’s plea that if Aryan Khan is granted bail because he is a child of an influential family, the evidence against him may be destroyed.

There was a heated argument between Aryan Khan’s lawyer and the NCB’s lawyer in the court. And Aryan’s lawyer Satish claims that the NCB should not have any big evidence of Aryan that would be lost without Aryan. .

And Aryan’s lawyer further claims that the NCB has arrested Aryan Khan only on the basis of some WhatsApp chats, besides they have no other evidence. . (sharukh khan son)

He also said that no prohibited items were found in Aryan’s possession, nor did the NCB have any evidence that Aryan had taken any such prohibited items at that party. And he says all the charges against Aryan are bailable. .

Besides, Aryan Khan was furious during the court hearing yesterday. Aryan says there were 1300 people at that party. But why only 17 people were arrested selectively. . (sharukh khan son)

He added that his bag was checked while boarding the ship, but nothing was found. Aryan also says that he was not the organizer of that party, but he was invited as a VIP. .

After listening to Aryan Khan and his lawyer, many are now thinking, and many claim that the NCB is overreacting to Aryan Khan

And while many others, including Aryan, have been arrested, there is no news against them as there is against Aryan. And the way Aryan has portrayed Aryan in front of the media, Aryan seems to be a big criminal. .

And many say Aryan is being pressured into supplying drugs. Again, many think that there is a political interest involved here. Or anyone is targeting Aryan in this way to spread Shah Rukh Khan’s notoriety. .

Now even a few days ago but that was said from the Congress party and they, kept a video footage and in that video it is seen that the man is taking Aryan away from the party. .

That’s the guy with whom Arian’s selfie went viral after Arian’s arrest. And after this picture went viral, NCB had to face a lot of questions and they said that this picture is old. . (sharukh khan son)

And the NCB has nothing to do with that guy. But the Congress party said the man was in fact a member of the BGB. And after this issue was revealed, many people have questioned why someone from outside is taking Aryan in the NCB operation. .

And this is why the NCB denied it then. So all in all, the policy people are getting a smell of trapping Aryan .

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