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Fatima Rani

jhumki ki design gold

Today I am going to show you some very high quality jhumki ki design gold of today. Hope you will be very happy after seeing each jhumka design. We know that these gold jhumka designs bring a unique beauty to our fashion style these days. Especially Indian women use this jhumka design to make themselves more attractive.

Indian women look really attractive while wearing jhumki ki designs. These jhumka designs that are preferred by Indian women are now very much loved by women from all over the world and they want to collect them. This gold jhumka design plays one of the role in women’s fashion style. Nowadays it is seen that most of the Indian women use these beautiful jhumka designs in their weddings.

Even these jhumki ki design gold are gaining popularity in Arab countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia etc. Wherever you are from if you also love to wear jhumka designs then these jhumka designs of today’s collection are going to be the best for you. I will inform you about the weight and price of each jhumka design.

1. jhumki ki design gold

jhumki ki design gold 8

  • jhumki ki design gold
  • Jhumka weight: 6.50 grams
  • Jhumka price: 30,303 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

The first jhumki ki design gold that I have brought to you in today’s collection is made with very light weight. Generally women love to wear light weight jhumka designs, but most women definitely prefer heavy weight jhumka designs to wear on their wedding. But you can collect the jhumka designs in the above mentioned photos to wear all the time. This jhumka design will be very attractive to wear all the time. It is built to be very robust. So don’t worry about getting lost in any way.

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2. Gold jhumka designs

jhumki ki design gold 4

  • Jhumka weight: 6.30 grams
  • Jhumka price: 29,370.6 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

Bringing you another light weight gold jhumki ki designs to grab the attention of women. It is made of only 6 grams of gold. You can get it at a very affordable price. These six gram gold jhumka designs are currently being sold in large quantities in the market. Women usually collect these gold jhumka designs to wear all the time and visit relatives’ house. The beauty of this jhumki ki design has caught the attention of women in Dubai. Many women from Dubai city also want to collect this gold jhumka designs.

3. Latest gold jhumki ki designs

jhumki ki design gold 5

  • Jhumka weight: 7.20 grams
  • Jhumka price: 34,032.6 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

We have brought you another attractive jhumki ki design of the latest model. There are many Indian women who look for the latest jhumki designs. For them this jhumka design can be very attractive. Because if you look closely, you can see the latest designs in this jhumka. Designs that you may not have seen anywhere before. A leaf like design is used in this jhumka design. Which is a very unique design.

4. New gold jhumki ki designs

Jhumki ki design gold 6

  • Jhumka weight: 6.40 grams
  • Jhumka price: 30,103 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

I hope you are are very happy to see these jhumki ki design gold. In the fourth phase of today’s collection, the jhumka designs that I have brought to you have a different kind of design. Colours are used in this jhumka design. And made the designs a bit more beautiful with colours. Generally, these types of jhumka designs have been gaining popularity in the market since ancient times. These types of jhumka designs have come in abundance in the market in the past. And every single one is on sale so far.

5. Latest gold jhumki designs with price

jhumki ki design gold 7

  • Jhumka weight: 6.45 grams
  • Jhumka price: 30,069.9 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

In the fifth number of today’s collection I have brought you another charming attractive gold jhumka design. Pure gold is used in this jhumka design. This jhumka design looks very bright due to the use of pure gold. Not only these jhumki ki designs look bright but every jhumka design is very bright and when you wJhumkiear them these jhumki ki designs will make you shine even more. It is completely made of 22 carat gold. You can wear this jhumki ki design in your wedding if you want. Or you can wear it while visiting a relative’s house.

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6. Jhumki Designs with Price in India

jhumki ki design gold 3

  • Jhumka weight: 5.60 grams
  • Jhumka price: 26,107.2 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

Here we bring you the best jhumki ki design gold hat are preferred by Indian women. If you are a Dubai city girl, then this might be great for you. Because now a days ladies of Dubai city have expressed their desire to collect this work and this jhumka design has become very popular in youtube and other social media. You can collect them for yourself if you want. And by wearing this jhumka design you can grab someone’s attention very easily.

7. Gold jhumki designs with price

jhumki ki design gold 2

  • Jhumka weight: 13 grams
  • Jhumka price: 60,606 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

All the jhumka designs that I have shown you above were very light. At this stage the gold jhumki ki designs that I am showing you is very well known as bridal gold jhumka design. These jhumki ki designs are worn by many women on their weddings, most of the buyers have collected these jhumka designs to wear on weddings. If you are looking for attractive jhumka designs to wear on your wedding, then you can collect it. Hope by wearing this jhumka design you will be more admired among everyone. This jhumka design is made with original gold.

8. Jhumki Designs

jhumki ki design gold

  • Jhumka weight: 9.50 grams
  • Jhumka price: 44,289 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold 

Last of today’s collection I bring you another charming attractive jhumki ki design gold. Hope you will like it very much. Every jhumka design in today’s collection is made entirely of 21 carat gold. So you will not be harmed in any way by collecting them. There is no worry of spoilage as each jhumka design is crafted with utmost precision. If you wish to collect these jhumka designs then you can collect from the big jewelery store in your city.

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