Latest 5 Gold Ring from Dubai with price

Fatima Rani

Dubai Gold Ring

Dubai gold rings have become very popular among women these days. Everyone wants to collect Dubai Gold Ring. But now these rings have gained popularity but only available to buy the rings in Dubai. But there are many of you who want to know about these dubai gold rings photo with weight and price. For them in today’s article several gold rings are brought. And their weight and price are discussed. Hope you will like them very much.

1.Dubai Gold Ring Designs

Dubai Gold Ring Designs

  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Price: 51,750 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

It is created in a unique design from the best rings of your choice. It is completely different from every other ring in today’s collection. So you can be very profitable by collecting it. And you can achieve more unique beauty by wearing it yourself. They come directly from Dubai so if you want to collect them, you must always be on the lookout.

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2. Dubai Gold Ring Designs

Stylish Arabic gold ring

  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Price: 57,500 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

For those of you who love gold rings in Dubai, every design in today’s collection will be perfect. Especially Indian women love Dubai gold rings a lot, so they must have a good look at these rings. And collecting for yourself is essential. These will make your hands more shiny along with your beauty.

3. Gold ring for couples

Gold ring for couples

  • Weight: 10.70 grams
  • Price: 61,525 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

This ring design will be very attractive for couples. These rings are made entirely of 22 carat gold. So there is no worry of harm in any way by collecting them. If you want, you can also wear it in various festivals. Or you can give it to someone as a gift. At present they are collected in large quantities by women.

4. Gold ring for women

Gold ring for women

  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Price: 63,250 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

Gentle women always try to make themselves more attractive. So it can be seen that a large number of women have done a lot for themselves. So if you want to make yourself look more rich, then you should definitely collect these rings. Besides, I have brought them today only for your request.

Many people want to know about their price and weight after seeing them. So here is the weight and price of each design. I hope to bring you more interesting designs like this in the future. You must stay with us.

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5. Ring design with price

Ring design with price

  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Price: 69,000 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

I hope each ring brings a smile to your face and you enjoy knowing their weight and price even more. Actually these gold rings are very nice. And nowadays women are absolutely crazy to collect them. So of course they are interesting objects.

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