Latest Gold Churi Picture With Price in 2023

Fatima Rani

Gold churi

Gold Churi are very popular among gold ornaments. Women in the city of Kolkata, India wear the latest gold churi and Sakha Pola on their hands and various designs. These bangle designs are great to make girls’ hands look more attractive and beautiful. Especially married women mostly wear this type of gold bangles on their hands. In today’s collection I have brought you some new gold churi designs.

Hope you will like them very much. Every design is totally unique and new. So don’t worry about collecting them. You can collect these churi picture from any major jewelery store in your city. We have discussed the weight and price of each churi. Hope these will be useful for you. So let’s know about gold churi in detail.

1. Latest gold churi picture with price

Latest gold churi picture with price

Many women look for Latest gold churi picture in various places online. In fact, they love to wear churi to enhance the beauty of their hands. You may not know that on our website we are constantly bringing new designs of gold ornaments for you. Which you will like and love very much. So today I have brought several gold churi according to your needs.

The ones that grab your attention and you will be highly respected in any event you wear. Also every design is brand new and attractive. The churi pic designs you are seeing in the photo above are roughly between 15-18 grams of gold each. And according to current market you can collect 100,500-120,600 rupees.

2. Unique design gold churi

Unique design gold churi

This attractive churi pic is made in very high quality. If you look closely, you can see how perfectly designed it is. Which will easily grab our attention. These churi will suit your hands very well. And you can use it as a bridal gold bangle hopefully it will be awesome. The weight of this gold churi design is 20 grams. According to the current market, the price will be Rs. 134,000.

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3. Churi photos

Churi photos

For those who usually like to see photos of churi designs, every design in today’s collection will be very interesting. So you check them well and choose the best one that you like in your mind. You can pick up these Churi photos from any jewelery store in your city. If you wear this bangle design with bridal saree will be very suitable.

Besides, most jhumka designs will be perfect with these bangles. The weight of this Churi photos is 15 grams. As per the current market you need to spend Rs 100,500 to buy it.

4. Gold churi picture

Gold churi picture

You will be amazed by the gold rhodium polish gold churi picture. Because they actually look amazing. Especially young young girls look very attractive when wearing these churi. Besides, newly married wife’s wearing this type of gold churi design are very perfect when they go to a relative’s house. So if you are a newly wedded wife, you can definitely get this gold bangle for yourself.

You can surprise your husband by wearing it. And you can express your beauty better in front of your family member’s. It is completely made of pure gold. It weight 19 grams. According to the current market, the price of this gold churi pic will be 127,300 rupees.

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5. Stylish gold churi pic

Stylish gold churi pic

You have definitely come to the right place to look for stylish churi design gold. Because in today’s collection I have come up with some very charming gold bangles. Which are brand new and stylish. You can wear gold earrings with this bangle if you want.

Every gold bangle in today’s collection is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. These gold churi designs weight between 20 grams. And these will cost around Rs 147,400.

6. Churi design gold

Churi design gold

At the end of today’s collection I have brought you another beautiful gold churi picture. Which will be most perfect for middle aged married women. Every gold bangle you like very much. We have brought these bangles pictures after careful selection.

They are very attractive and you will not be harmed in any way by collecting them. Wear them anywhere and you will be highly appreciated. It weight 23 grams and will be priced at Rs 154,100 as per the current market.

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