Latest 10 Gold Earrings Collection with Price in 2023

Fatima Rani

Latest 10 Gold Earrings Collection with Price in 2023

Latest Gold Earrings New designs of gold earrings are constantly coming in front of us to meet your needs. So like every time today we bring you some latest and new models of gold earrings. Hope you like each and every earring very much. And these are the ones you will want to collect. Every design is very eye-catching and women are loving them. Nowadays, they are gaining popularity as trendy earrings. Anyway let’s see the earrings and know the details.

Latest Gold Earrings Collection with Price:

Below you can see some of the latest gold earrings and know their prices and weights. So let’s know all the details.

1. Star design gold earrings

Star design gold earrings

The earrings look like many moons turned upside down. Really well designed. These earrings will make girls want to collect them as soon as they see them. I hope you want to collect it too. You can get it from any jewelery store in India. You can definitely wear it while going out on a new festive occasion.

It is most attractive especially for women in the age group of 30 to 40 year’s. 7.53 grams of gold has been used in it. You need to spend Rs 41,415 to collect it.

2. Pasa earrings

Pasa earrings

These Pasa earrings have become most popular for middle aged women in recent times. They always collect these Pasa earrings to wear. It sticks to the ear. So there is no problem by wearing it all the time.

It is very durable full, can be worn for long days. About 6 grams of 22 carat gold was used to make it. According to the current market you have to spend almost Rs 33,000 to collect this earring.

3. Eye Catching 22k gold earrings

eye Catching Gold Earrings

Many of you requested us to show you the latest 22 carat gold earrings. So every earring in today’s collection is made of 22 carat gold. You can definitely benefit from collecting one. Each earring collection is made of 22 carat real gold. So don’t worry about being cheated in any way. These 6.20 gm latest gold earrings will cost you Rs 34,100

4 Latest double part gold earring

double part gold earrings

This latest pair of earrings from Double Part is very long in shape. So it will be best for tall girls. It will be most perfect on the ears of young girls. Nowadays these earrings are widely collected by young girls of Mumbai city, India. These earrings are especially seen in the ears of girls from middle class families. This earring weight 5.80 grams. You will have to spend around Rs 31,900 to collect it.

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5. New design gold with price

New design gold with price

These latest gold earrings look exactly like the sun looks when it shines. It is actually very attractive because of the design. These earrings are very attractive for older women. So it will be a very perfect jewelry gift for grandmothers. Also you can wear it for traditional looks. It has a weight of 8.20 grams. It will cost around Rs 44,550

6. Simple latest gold earring with price

Simple latest gold earring with price

These attractive gold earrings are made with very light weight. It is selling hundreds of times as a simple earring in the market. It is very nice to wear all the time. It is made of only 3 grams of gold. According to the current market, it will cost Rs 16,500

7. Colourful gold earring

Colourful gold earring

Women between 25 and 30 years love to wear colorful gold earrings. So for them I have brought colorful latest gold earrings at this stage. It will look great if you wear it with a saree. You can get it at a very affordable price. The price of this earring of only 2.50 grams of gold will come to around 13,750 rupees.

8. Gold pasa earring in colorful floral design

Gold pasa earring

Minakari Colorful Gold Pasa can make you more attractive among everyone. It is made in a very unique design. You can wear it every day if you want. It will be a very perfect jewelery to gift to wife. The price of this Gold Pasa made of 4 grams of gold will be around 22,000 rupees.

9. Latest design for gold earrings

Latest design for gold earring

If you look closely, you can see a beautiful scene in these gold earrings. As you may have noticed, it has a very attractive design of a peacock. In fact these gold earrings will make you more admirable among all. It is made in a very unique design.

These gold earrings have gained a huge amount of fame in the market today due to the special peacock design. It occupies a special place among the latest trendy earrings. It is made of only 6 grams of gold. You will have to spend around Rs 33,000 to buy it.

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10. Latest minakari gold necklace

Latest minakari gold necklace

Here comes more exquisitely designed latest gold earrings to grab your attention. It has a minakari design so attractively done that it makes girls want to collect it at the very sight. It has gone viral on social media. A large number of orders have been received by various jewelery shop owner’s. However, it uses red and black colors. Perfect jewelry gift for young girls. These 5.70 gm gold earrings will cost around Rs 31,350.

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