Latest Gold Kan Pasha designs for Women 2023

Fatima Rani

gold kan pasha

Among the gold earrings, gold kan pasha has become very popular among women from different regions. How women love to wear jhumka designs with ears. Similarly, Kan pasha loves to wear designs. Kanpasha is completely round in appearance and has various designs in it. It adheres perfectly to the ear. So it is easy to wear and less likely to get damaged. I have carefully selected several Kan pasha designs for you. Hope these will be great for you. So let’s see each design and know their details.

New design gold ear pasha for women:

Here you will find the best gold kan pasha of your choice. And also know about their weight and price.

1. Heavy gold kan pasha

Heavy gold kan pasha

The first ear pasha in today’s collection is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. For those of you who are looking for heavy gold kan pasha to wear all the time. It will be great for them. Especially middle aged women love to wear this kind of earrings.

Besides, women from rich families are seen wearing this ear pasha. This Kan Pasha has a weight of 6.20 grams. According to the current market, it will cost Rs 39,100.

2. Kan pasha for women

Kan pasha for women

At this stage, the gold earring that I have brought you, you can also collect it to wear always if you want. It will help you look more rich. And you can use it to express yourself even more. Women in their 30s to 40s collect large numbers of these ear pasha.

It actually fits the ear very well. And there is no risk of spoilage. This earring weight 7.30 grams. According to the current market, the price will be Rs 45,150.

3. Colourful gold ear pasha

Colourful gold ear pasha

There are many of you who are looking for attractive Colourful gold ear pasha. Especially women of Delhi city of India love to wear coloring gold jewelry. So these ear pasha will be great for them. You can collect it from any major jewelry store in your city if you want.

Or you can contact us. This attractive earrings weight 6.40 grams. As per the current market you will have to spend Rs 39,200 to buy it. 

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4. Stylish gold ear pasha

Stylish gold ear pasha

If you are looking for attractive gold earrings to make yourself more stylish and glamorous, then you must use it. As you can see on the side of the gold ear in the photo above, it has become very popular. Because the design in it looks very stylish. And young girls love to wear it. It will be perfect if you wear it especially when going to a party.

It is completely made of 21 carat orginal gold. So don’t worry about being cheated in any way by collecting it. So you can make yourself more charming by wearing it. This earring weighs 5.80 grams. As per the current market you will have to spend Rs 35,900 to collect it.

5. Minakari gold kan pasha

Minakari gold kan pasha

Younger girls find gold earrings lighter in weight. So for them in today’s collection I have brought a small size gold kan pasha in light weight. Hope it will be great for young girls. Also newly married girls are attractive when wearing it. A variety of colors have been used in this too. For example: red and green are the most used colors.

It can also be called as Minakari Earrings. Hope you like each and every ear pasha in today’s collection. And you can collect them by contacting us if you want. Or you can collect from any jewelry store in your city.

But of course you should collect each earring according to the current gold price when you collect it. It has a weight of 3.50 grams. According to the current market it will be priced at Rs 24,250.

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