Latest Light Weight gold Earrings with Price

Fatima Rani

Latest light weight gold earrings

Gold earrings that are very light in weight have become popular among everyone these days. They are brought to you today. We will inform you about the weight and price of each design. So that if you want to collect them, you can collect them very easily. These lightweight earrings from today’s collection are made entirely of pure gold. So collecting them will not be a problem at all. Each earring will be great for everyday wear. You can also use it as a gift.

1. Daily use gold earrings

Daily use gold earrings

  • Weight: 1.789 grams
  • Price: 10,052 Rs
  • Metal:  21 carat gold

Love delightful limited gold earrings design simple ! The small earrings designs have endlessly likely settled dresses a unique and colourful look. Here we are following a precise floral gold chain balls earrings bestowing you a usual check educational wear.

The gold earrings design simple gives your largeness a equalized look and links it to conscientious and material strengthens. The earrings design shows the dignified, psychic, superior integrity of the adolescent exhausting. The earrings drooping last present a stylish look.

2. Small gold earrings

Small gold earrings

  • Weight: 1.789 grams
  • Price: 10,052 Rs
  • Metal:  21 carat gold

A unique and delicate precious long gold earrings for regulate your remains and characteristics. The long gold earrings design simple is best fits inconsequential god sarees or dresses, bestowing a sparkly look. The gold earrings design present a singular design to the earrings.

3. Daily ware gold earrings with price

Daily ware gold earrings with price

  • Weight: 1.855 grams
  • Price: 10,388 Rs
  • Metal:  21 carat gold

This beautiful gold earrings design simple have likely a craze to fashion earrings. The gold earrings looks stunning. It is fashioned by yellow golden and it gives a fashionable look. Such earrings symbolise friendship and love and accordingly be a perfect ability for friends. It can still be a perfect inclination for the adherents the individual share ceaseless love each additional.

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4. small gold earrings tops

small gold earrings tops

  • Weight: 1.620 grams
  • Price: 9,072 Rs
  • Metal:  21 carat gold

Looking for small gold earrings! Get a fleet look fashionable gold earrings design simple that lead the anchor and stagger. The jewellery is carpeted following jhumka style . The jhumka symbolises organization in existence while the floral symbolises cute look. It is best secondhand for regular wear and festival.

5. small gold earrings price

small gold earrings price

  • Weight: 1.569 grams
  • Price: 9,072 Rs
  • Metal:  21 carat gold

This chic gold earrings design simple have steadily lived attractive on ethnic wear bestowing a well-groomed look. Made out of beautiful, that gives it a extraordinary effect. You can wear it accompanying orderly outfits.

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