6 Lightweight Gold Necklace with Price 2023

Fatima Rani

lightweight gold necklace with price

Today I am bringing you some very lightweight gold necklace with price for new year. Hope you like them. Every gold necklace is currently sold in a very wide range in the market. And most of the girls have collected it to enjoy the New Year festivities in 2023. Anyway, if you are looking for attractive gold necklaces for yourself, then today’s collection designs are definitely for you.

Make yourself more attractive with this gold necklace from today’s collection. I will inform about the weight and price of each gold necklace. So no need to worry. Let’s see the designs.

1. Tree leaves with symbols of love

light weight gold necklace designs

The first necklace design from today’s collection is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. So no need to worry. There are many women who worry before purchasing a gold necklace, lest they be cheated in some way. Must collect these 21 carat pure gold necklaces to be free from the thought of being cheated. You can be very happy wearing it.

  • weight: 7 grams 
  • Price: 41,034 Rs (currently) 

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2. Flower design like triangle

light weight gold necklace designs

This attractive gold necklace with triangular floral design has caught the eye of many Indian young married women. Married women look really attractive when they go to any party wearing this gold necklace. You must not refrain from using this necklace to grab anyone’s attention. You can get it from the market at a very affordable price. It weighs less than ten grams. In terms of price, you can collect it below 50 thousand rupees.

  • weight: 7 grams 
  • Price: 41,034 Rs (currently) 

3. Traditional design lightweight gold necklace with price


Gold necklaces designed like this are widely used by girls on traditional festival occasions. There are many women who love this type of necklace design so far. I have also brought this in today’s collection for them. These types of designed necklaces tend to be heavier. So in light weight you can definitely collect it. It is made of only ten grams of gold. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to collect.

  • Weight: 10 grams 
  • Price: 58,620 Rs (current) 

4. Beautiful light weight necklace

beautiful light weight necklace

Chand Bali design gold necklaces are very popular in the market. Currently these moon sand designed necklaces are made with very light weight. They are also sold in large quantities in the market due to huge demand. So don’t forget to collect one for yourself too. If you are looking for an attractive gold light weight necklace in a small budget, then you can wear it. Hope it enhances your beauty even more. And you can wear it with great pleasure.

  • Weight: 10 grams 
  • Price: 58,620 Rs (current) 

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5. Jhumka design with chain in necklace

lightweight gold necklace designs

Skilled craftsmen thought a little better while designing it. They add attractive small jhumkas to the necklace chain. Which makes this light weight necklace more attractive. It has gained a lot of reputation in the market. Women who are very fond of wearing jhumka designs have collected it the most. This attractive necklace also comes with a matching pair of earrings. I hope you will love wearing this earrings necklace design.

  • Weight: 11 grams 
  • Price: 64,482 Rs (current) 

6. A floral design in the middle with a Chandbali design

gold necklace

Chand bali design gold necklace has gained a lot of fame in the market due to its unique design. These days it has become very popular among the lightweight necklaces. Many women have collected it to wear all the time. Many people prefer it as a gift to their loved ones. Every gold necklace in today’s collection is made of 100% pure gold. If you want to collect them, go to any big jewelry store in your city and collect them.

  • Weight: 6 grams 
  • Price: 35,172 Rs (current) 

Conclusion: Hope you like each and every gold necklace in today’s collection. Stay tuned to our website for more such attractive gold jewelery designs.

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