Locket Pendant Design For Gift Purpose

Minti Sah


This small gold Locket Pendant Design boasts a timeless design that effortlessly merges simplicity with sophistication. Crafted with precision, the pendant features a subtle yet captivating motif that reflects the beauty of understated elegance. The delicate detailing on the pendant showcases the skillful artistry involved in its creation, making it a refined accessory for any occasion.

The compact size of this gold pendant adds to its versatility, allowing it to seamlessly complement various styles and outfits. Whether paired with casual attire for a touch of everyday glamour or worn as an accent piece for formal occasions, the pendant remains a classic choice that exudes charm. The carefully chosen design elements contribute to its appeal, making it a go-to accessory that effortlessly enhances the wearer’s style with its subtle and refined aesthetic.

With its enduring charm and understated beauty, this small gold pendant becomes more than just an accessory – it becomes a statement of timeless taste and a symbol of refined simplicity. The wearer can embrace the elegance of this piece with confidence, knowing that it transcends fleeting trends and stands as a testament to the enduring allure of well-crafted, small-scale jewelry.

1. Heart shape Locket Pendant Design

The first pendant in our collection is exquisitely crafted in a captivating heart shape, adorned with a stunning maroon-colored enamel detailing. The intricate minakari artistry adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall allure of the piece. Its subtle yet radiant light makes it not only a charming accessory but also an ideal choice for gifting, adding a touch of warmth to any special occasion.
  • Weight : 1 grams
  • Price:- 6200 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

2. Small unique pattern pendant

This exquisite lightweight pendant, crafted with 2 grams of gold, showcases a stunning design that seamlessly combines elegance with comfort. The intricate detailing, created with precision through a release pattern, adds a touch of sophistication to its overall charm. Its graceful appearance makes it not only a beautiful accessory but also a delightful gift, offering both style and sentiment to those who receive it.

  • Weight : Approx 1 grams
  • Price:- 6200 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

3. Heart shape pendant

This petite heart-shaped pendant boasts a beautiful design with added detailing, making it visually appealing. Its aesthetics are truly enchanting, suitable for daily wear, and crafted with under 2 grams of gold, ensuring a lightweight and elegant accessory. Beyond its intrinsic beauty, it also makes for a thoughtful gift choice.

  • Weight : 0.890 m. grams
  • Price:- 5000 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

4. Swastik pattern pendant

This intricately designed pendant features a captivating Swastik symbol, carefully crafted to perfection. With a lightweight composition of just under 3 grams of gold, the piece offers both grace and wearability. The detailed design highlights the artistry involved, making it a thoughtful and stylish gift choice. Ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal, this pendant is a testament to craftsmanship and elegance.

  • Weight : 1 grams
  • Price:- 6,200 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

5. Flower design pendant

Today’s pendant collection introduces a charming design inspired by flowers, crafted with finesse in just under 2 grams of gold. The intricate detailing of this pendant adds a touch of elegance to its modest size. Despite being slightly larger, its beauty lies in the meticulously designed pattern. Ideal for gifting, this piece possesses a distinctive allure, making it a delightful present for someone special.

  • Weight : 0.700 grams
  • Price:- 4000 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

6.Butterfly design pendant

Locket Pendant Design

This butterfly-shaped pendant is a true marvel, showcasing intricate details that enhance its overall allure. The delicate craftsmanship is complemented by its lightweight design, allowing it to gracefully adorn not just yourself but also your cherished teddy bear. Crafted with precision using under 2 grams of gold, it offers a perfect blend of sophistication and whimsy. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this pendant becomes a meaningful gift, encapsulating both beauty and sentiment for the recipient.

  • Weight : 1.10 grams
  • Price:- 7,200 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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