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Necklace Designs Gold New Model

1. Gold necklace designs with price

Jewelry is a different kind of favorite thing for the girls of our country. Every year the girls of our country look for new designs of jewelry. Because everyone wants my beauty to grow a little more. The jewelry I will wear should be the best of all, everyone should love it and it should be attractive to everyone. One of the most favorite part of girls jewelry is the necklace. If the throat rate is like the mind then they feel very happy. So I’ve collected some of the best popular necklace designs for them this year and discussed their prices and weights and details. Show people your beauty by collecting necklaces. People will be attracted to the designs of these necklaces. 

Great to see this necklace designs gold new model with earrings. This set of jewelry of extraordinary design is used by most Indian womens. This low weight necklace is made with 21 carat gold. It is made very perfectly. It can also be used for a long time. The weight of the necklace with these earrings is 3 Vori (33 gram). According to the current market, the price of this necklace designs gold new model is 180,000 rupees.

This necklace occupies a special place among the viral gold necklaces online. When this necklace design was first shared on social media, there were thousands of comments and they expressed interest in collecting it in the comments. It was made in large quantities in various large jewelry stores because of their interest. In fact, when a beautiful necklace design comes on the market, the demand for it increases tremendously and it is not possible to give that attractive necklace design to all the buyers. It has sold a lot more online since it was shared on social media.

It was especially purchased by women in Delhi, India to wear at weddings. This design was made with a very acceptable weight. So it was also able to collect women from middle class families. Many people identify this necklace design as eye-catching necklace design. There is an extraordinary beauty hidden in it. A woman from Delhi, India bought it to wear to her wedding. He was the first to buy this necklace design in Delhi, India.

Just as her loved ones were amazed when she wore it to her wedding, all the women present at her wedding were fascinated by the necklace design. Because it is brighter, it catches everyone’s eye. And since that time this necklace design has gone viral and most of the women in Delhi collect it. Besides, it is much preferred by Pakistani women.

Adequate quantity of this necklace design has been sold in Pakistan. A Pakistani woman from a middle class family received this necklace design as a gift at her wedding. And she was extremely happy and said that she got one of the best necklace designs in her life. In fact, this necklace is great and attractive for women in middle class families.


2. long haram designs in malabar gold

gold long necklace designs

The design of this long necklace looks amazing. It is made entirely of 21 carat gold. It has been made much stronger. Each part of it is paired very perfectly, so no worries of breaking will be much more durable. This design is very much liked by many Bangladeshi girls and many have bought it. There is a pair of earrings with this long necklace design. You will definitely like the earrings. The weight of this necklace and the whole set of earrings is 8 bhari 9 anas (100 gram). According to the current market, the price of a complete jewelry set is 620,000 rupees. The jewelry is awesome to look at so if anyone would like to take it please contact us. (latest gold haram designs 2021)

There is also some more special information about this long gold necklace. You will be very surprised to know that. Extremely gold has been used in this necklace. You can make it with much less weight if you wish. But why is it made with more weight? Read the full story to know this. This design was given to us by a foreign customer. But you would be surprised to know that she was an old woman. But the amazing thing was that the old lady was a very big designer! Another surprise is that he could design very well, even in old age!

The old woman said to make it with about 100 grams of gold. But it didn’t need much gold to make it. But the old lady wanted to make it with extra gold. He paid for it in full before ordering. She was an old woman, her hobby was to leave it as a gift for her only daughter after she died. . He wanted his daughter to get a lot of wealth through this gold necklace. That’s why it was made with so much more gold. It was the best gift for her daughter from that old lady. The old woman has left a great gift for her daughter after suffering a lot all her life.

The old woman said that from a young age, her daughter wanted to wear such a long gold necklace. But he could not afford it for his daughter because of poor economic conditions. He made this necklace by making money through a lot of hard work to fulfill the hopes of his only daughter and left it as a gift. In fact, our female civilization attaches great importance to gold. Women prefer to wear gold ornaments. Gold ornaments occupy an infinite place in the life of every girl.

Since gold is a very valuable resource, many people cannot use it. Women in India and Bangladesh in particular love to wear gold ornaments. All the new designs of jewelry are constantly coming in front of us to meet the demand of this ornament.


3. Beautiful gold necklace designs

light weight gold necklace designs

Number two, the necklace designs gold new model I’m talking about is amazing. This necklace designs gold new model is made of 21 carat gold. Every part of it is very finely paired. There is no need to break this low weight necklace so you can use it year after year. It works with chains in most places so it is very strong and powerful. The necklace of this new model can be used in different occasions and at your own wedding if you wish. This design is great for middle class family weddings.

This beautiful necklace designs gold new model Weight 2 bhari (22 gram). According to the current market, the price of this necklace will be 128,000 rupees. (gold necklace designs in 20 grams with price) (latest gold choker designs with weight)


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