Ryan Garcia Just Wants to Fight on Social Media

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Ryan Garcia just wants to fight on social media

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You all know about Ryan Garcia. He is currently very popular as an American boxer. There is a lot of talk about him on social media right now. .So today I will give you a detailed discussion about what he said on social media ..

um you know ryan garcia is at it again you know basically bumping his gums on social media. but ain’t trying to you know sign a contract to make a big fight you know. so you know to me he kind of had the audacity to talk about devin haney’s performance against. you know uh george cambos jr which was a boxing clinic uh the fight wasn’t boring.

He said it was born typical you know talk that kind of from a hispanic fighter. the typical uh black fighter ran and george campose jr said, that devin ran and i’m trying to figure out how did they have been run in the fight.

But you know we know where this come from this just did on a regular basis anything to discredit a black fighter and i’m gonna continue to take this stance and call this bs out. because that’s exactly what it is you cannot give a brother credit for you know can’t win for losing. if he’s a knockout artist you say he hasn’t fought anybody or he doesn’t have he lacks skills. Ryan Garcia next fight 16 July 

But if he he is a pure boxer and doesn’t have a lot of knockouts. you call him a runner so at the end of the day. i already know what this is it’s subliminals is you know bigotry and it’s hidden racism towards black fighters. like i said i’m not here to make friends on here and i’m gonna continue to say what needed to.

what need to be said, when is ryan garcia gonna make a big fight keep in mind this dude pulled out a fight with tank. he always saying he gonna fight somebody and then when it’s time to make the fight. He suffers some kind of mysterious injury or he’s going through some personal stuff.

He does this on a regular basis but he had the audacity to try to talk about somebody else you ain’t fighting. the top guys out there. then what the hell is oscar de la hoya talking about all roads lead to ryan garcia says who i’m just keeping it 100.

devin out there trying to fight the best guys out there and becoming undisputed. like i said it ain’t devin haney’s fault. that he beat george campbell jr with ease and by the way i don’t think. there’s no reason for a rematch.

yeah that’s it ryan garcia is the king capper i mean you can’t put the cn cap without thinking about ryan garcia or maybe lion garcia. because that he seems to lie a lot about. oh i’m gonna make this fight. then all of a sudden he pulls out of fights man this is just textbook with him you ain’t in no position to say nothing about nobody.

He ain’t in no position to critique anybody when you not fighting next to nobody dude you been hesitant to fight fortuna for a while now you finally decided to fight the dude, now all of a sudden. you want this praise, when you pulled out of the fight in the first place. like i said you know for pulling out of fights.

so you know i was gonna make a personal joke about pulling out. but i’m gonna leave that alone i don’t i’m not even gonna go that route but i’m just saying ryan garcia need to take care of benefit. ryan garcia like i said that man ain’t in no position to critique anybody.

when this dude stay pulling out of fights canceling
fights we wait for him to fight somebody of substance. yeah right about now jake paul is looking a little bit better than ryan garcia but not that that’s a compliment. but i’m just saying man we’ll we’ll see we’ll see if he’ll come up with an excuse to pull out of the fight again.

Because like i say ryan garcia would rather fight people on social media. than get in the ring and actually fight him and like i say this act has grown tired. we’ve been seeing this for years now with ryan garcia. this is tired now. either get in the ring or stop talking don’t talk about somebody else’s.

performance keep in mind you almost got flat lined in a fight a while ago you barely survived one uh your last fight so that’s just real talk man.

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