Most Effective Simple Gold Necklace for Party Wear

Fatima Rani

Most Effective Simple Gold Necklace for Party Wear

Many of you have expressed interest to us that we show you Simple Gold Necklace for Party Wear. So today we have brought you some interesting gold necklace designs to fulfill your expectations. Which will catch your eye just by looking at it. These gold necklaces are very popular in the current market. And selling in great quantities.

And you will be surprised to know, these gold necklaces are made with very light weight. So that anyone can collect it. So don’t delay to collect these light weight gold necklaces. Collect it for yourself as soon as possible. These are great for party wear. Besides, it goes to give someone a gift. Anyway, let’s see each design and know the details.

1. Simple floral design

Simple floral design

  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Price: Approximately 28,500 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

This attractive gold necklace with simple floral design will easily win your heart. These light necklaces have brought a smile to many women’s faces these days. In fact, due to the increase in gold prices, most women now look for new gold jewelery in light weight.

So this necklace design has become absolutely perfect for them. So they collected a lot. These necklaces are great for gifting to someone special. So everyone collects these gold necklaces to gift to their relatives who are younger.

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2. Most effective simple gold necklace for party wear

Most effective gold necklace for party wear

  • Weight: 5.60 grams
  • Price: Approximately 31,920 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

This Simple Gold Necklace for Party Wear is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. You can get it hallmarked with 22 carat gold if you want. It is the number one among the most effective necklaces at present. It is currently the most sold of all time wear necklaces.

And most of the jewelry shop owners say it is very nice and customers are taking it in high quantity. As you can see if you look closely, it has a fish design which is very nice. And it has a small flower design on its top. All in all, it’s beautifully decorated.

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3. New Design simple gold necklace

New Design simple gold necklace

  • Weight: 5.10 grams
  • Price: Approximately 29,070 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

We bring you another attractive gold necklace with a unique design. If you look closely, you can see that the gold chain used with it has small leaf designs. Which is absolutely eye-catching. However, this gold necklace is recognized as a unique gold necklace. So if you are looking for unique design gold necklace in light weight then surely this is perfect for you.

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4. Beautiful gold necklace in 5 grams

Beautiful gold necklace in 5 grams

  • Weight: 4.60 grams
  • Price: Approximately 26,220 Rs
  • Metal: 21 carat gold

If you look closely, you can see the design of the peacock’s head in this necklace. Usually women are very fond of peacock, so for them this design is brought in almost all types of gold jewellery. However, every single gold earring in today’s collection is made of pure gold.

And because they are so precisely made, they will be very durable. You can wear it for many days if you want. If you want to collect them, you can definitely collect them from the big jewelry store in your city. Or you can contact us if you are from Bangladesh.

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