Latest collection of gold Sui Dhaga earrings

Fatima Rani

10 sui dhaga earrings

Sui dhaga earrings are very popular among Indian women. Especially in all the western districts of India, women love sui dhaga earrings. And they wear them all the time. Actually sui dhaga earrings are very light weight and they are great for wearing all the time. Nowadays, women look for these types of earrings in different places.

So in today’s correction I am bringing you some latest sui dhaga earrings with very cool designs for them. These earrings are very popular in the market as the latest needle thread earrings. Buyers can get it at a very affordable price. So you can buy these affordable needle thread designs for yourself. These earrings are made in different designs.

Due to the high demand of sui dhaga earrings, a large number of earrings with new designs are constantly coming in front of us. The needlework designs that I will show you here are made entirely of 21k orginal gold. I will let you know the weight and price of each earring. So you can easily decide which one to get for yourself.

1. Sui dhaga earrings with price

sui dhaga earrings

The first gold earring that I am showing you in today’s collection is made in a very simple design. So you can call it simple gold earrings if you want. Nowadays there are many women who love to wear earrings with simple designs. It will be great for them. Because gold chains are mostly used in these gold earrings. A square shaped design is used at the very top. Anyway, this type of designed gold earrings will be very awesome when worn by married women.

2. Beautiful gold sui dhaga in english designs

sui dhaga in english

The price of these sui dhaga earrings is very light weight only five thousand rupees. It is made at very low cost. Because there are many who are economically very weak. For them such gold designs can be very awesome. If you are looking for a light weight and attractive needle thread earrings for yourself at a low price, then you can get it. Also, if you want to give someone an interesting gift, then you can gift it.

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3. New sui dhaga earrings

new sui dhaga earrings

A slightly chunky gold chain is used in these sui dhaga earrings. Also, if you notice, you can see that some gold balls are used at the bottom of these gold earrings. The use of actual balls gives a different kind of beauty to these gold earrings. So if you visit a relative’s house wearing these gold earrings, it can be great. And you will definitely be appreciated wearing it.

4. Sui dhaga earrings designs

sui dhaga earrings designs

These sui dhaga earrings can be a very attractive gift to gift your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Because if you pay attention, you can see that a symbol of love is used on the top of these earrings. Actually we use this symbol when we want to express our love to someone. Since the symbol of love is used in these earrings, it would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Also, the reason why these earrings are the most sold nowadays is that many men have gifted them to their wife’s. And many lovers have gifted it to their girlfriends.

5. Long Sui dhaga earrings design

sui dhaga earrings design

Basically these earrings look like a needle so it is named as sui dhaga earrings design. Sui dhaga earrings are usually worn by married women. Also young girls are seen wearing it. Generally women love to wear gold jhumka designs. But among these women there are many who love to wear these sui dhaga earrings. So these can be very great for them.

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6. Latest sui dhaga earrings

sui dhaga earrings

If you notice a little, you will understand the secret of the beauty of these sui dhaga earrings!! A star is designed on the top of these earrings. Which is actually very interesting. Generally young unmarried girls will be most suitable to wear these earrings. Also if you are a mother, you can gift these earrings to your daughter. Or if you want to make a pair of earrings for your daughter, then you can collect it.

7. best sui dhaga earrings

best sui dhaga earrings

This gold sui dhaga latest design is loved by many women not only in India but also in Dubai. A special reason why women in Dubai love it is that it has a floral design on the top. Many women in Dubai have collected these gold earrings. Not only that but many women living in China have loved these gold earrings. And they expect to collect. You will not be fooled in any way as it is made entirely of twenty one carat gold. You will surely benefit greatly by collecting it.

8. light weight sui dhaga earrings

light weight sui dhaga earrings

These sui dhaga earrings are made in a very sudden design. Because one ball is used with a gold chain in the complete earrings. These balls are made entirely of 21 carat pure gold. They look very shiny as they are made of gold. So wearing it will make you look very radiant too. And you can collect these earrings for yourself if you want. And it will be all the more attractive when you wear it to visit a relative’s house. Nowadays, many women wear it to visit their relatives’ houses.

9. new gold sui dhaga earrings

new gold sui dhaga earrings

These earrings can be very attractive for women from rich families. Because at present it has been verified that these earrings are mostly collected by women from wealthy families. And they always wear it. It is made entirely of twenty one carat gold. Due to its extremely precise construction, it will be very durable. Especially the gold chains used in these earrings are made very strong. So there is no worry of spoilage. You can definitely use it for a long time.

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10. earring design

earring design

Last of today’s collection I have brought you a needle thread earrings in a completely different design. Because these earrings are made in a very unique design. If you notice the design in these earrings, you can see small butterflies are designed. And many people think that it is very attractive among the sui dhaga earrings and sold in large numbers in the market. So you can collect it for yourself. Every gold earring in today’s collection is made entirely of pure gold. And they will be very durable. If you want to collect them, then you can collect them from the big jewelery store in your city.

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