26 Unique Gold Earrings Design with Price in 2023

Fatima Rani

unique gold earrings design

It is normal that a girl’s beauty is incomplete without unique gold earrings design. Gold earrings play a very important role in making girls’ ears look more attractive and gorgeous. Girls have been using ornaments in their ears since time immemorial. Especially girls want to wear attractive gold earrings on their wedding or visiting a relative’s house or going to a party. Nowadays most of the girls love to wear gold jewelry designs in light weight.

There are many women who search for unique gold earrings designs in various places. Many people are looking for 2 gram gold earrings. Now there are many people who look for attractive gold earrings for daily use. However, there is a huge demand for these lightweight earrings. Today I have carefully selected 26 unique gold earrings design in the market to meet your special needs.

Hope you like each and every earring very much. One or the other of these will definitely be your favorite. To collect these you can go to any jewelry store in your city and show them and get them made. I will let you know the weight and price of each earring. So you will not have any problem in collecting them. Here you can decide which one you will collect. So let’s see the designs of today’s collection without delay and know the details.

What type of earring is most popular?

What type of earring is most popular? If this kind of question comes to your mind, then you should know that small types of earrings are the most popular nowadays. About 80% girls prefer small earrings. Because small earrings can be worn all the time and they can be worn in weddings and can be used as gifts. Besides, it can be used for going to any party, so currently small type of earrings are gaining more popularity.

26 Unique and Latest Gold Earrings Designs with Price:

Below you will find 26 unique gold earrings with prices which are the most popular and attractive and the best vetted by experienced expert girls.

1. 2.5 grams gold earrings new design

2.5 grams gold earrings new design

The first of today’s unique gold earrings, the one that might have caught your eye for so long. It has caught the attention of not only you but also thousands of women in India. We got to know about their popularity by sharing them on various social media.

It has been designed with a lot of space in it, which is the main reason to grab the attention. Then again it is made with very light weight. It is made in weight of only 2.5 grams.

  • Weight: 2.01 grams
  • Price: 10,500 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

2. Unique earrings design in 2 grams

Unique earrings design in 2 grams

These attractive golden round dice are worn by many women in their ears all the time. It is great for daily use. It brings out the beauty of your ears in a more different way. It has very intricate designs and uses small leaves. Since it is round, it will stick to the ear perfectly. So there is no worry of spoilage. Will be full lasting for many days.

  • Weight: 1.97 grams
  • Price: 10,250 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

3. Small Gold earrings designs for daily use

Small Gold earrings designs for daily use

It looks exactly like the earlier Small Gold earrings designs for daily use. However, as you can see, it has a slightly different design. You may be wondering why I came up with the same design. I bring this up because nowadays married women wear these earrings and go to their relative’s house more and more.

And it has gained a lot of popularity in the market. Many women find it very easy to wear due to the use of long size hooks in it.

  • Weight: 2.27 grams
  • Price: 11,810 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

4. 1.5 gram gold earrings

2 gram gold earrings

Many people find attractive small earrings in 1.5 gram gold for daily wear. It is very important for them to collect it. Because you will be surprised to know, it is made according to your heart’s desire. It weighs only 1.38 grams. Also, it is designed very much like an exotic earring.

So you can make yourself more stylish and fashionable by wearing it. It is sold in large quantities for gift giving. Most bought it especially for boyfriends to give as gifts to girlfriends.

  • Weight: 1.38 grams
  • Price: 7,200 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

5. Unique gold earrings in 5 grams

unique gold earrings in 5 grams

These unique gold earrings attractive in five gram gold will be most attractive for Hindu women. Because Hindu women love elephants. If you look closely, you can see the design of Elephant trunk in it.

It looks amazing. So you can make yourself more amazing among everyone by wearing this unique design earrings. Hope you like it very much.

  • Weight: 4.29 grams
  • Price: 22,310 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

6. Unique gold earrings in 2 grams

Unique gold earrings in 3 grams

You can pick up these attractive earrings in just 2 grams of gold to gift to anyone. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to collect it. Especially it is very popular in the market as a simple earring. Since many women love simple earrings, it can be a very special gift for them.

  • Weight: 1.94 grams
  • Price: 10,100 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

7. Unique gold earrings in 4 grams

Unique gold earrings in 4 grams

These four gram gold earrings have caught the attention of hundreds of Indian women. There are lots of small designs in it. These earrings can be very suitable during the wedding of Indian girls generally.

Especially for those girls who find the most comfort in light weight earrings, this will be great. It looks a lot bigger. But it is also widely used as a simple earring due to its light weight construction.

  • Weight: 4.61 grams
  • Price: 23,980 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

8. Unique gold earrings design in 3.5 grams

Unique gold earrings design in 3.5 grams

These earrings are made in a very stylish shape. The curved gold plate used in it looks really cool. By making it out of just two and a half grams of gold, its makers have gained immense fame in the market.

It is very easy for anyone to collect it. Due to its light weight, it costs much less. However if you are looking for attractive and stylish gold earrings at low cost, then definitely get this one.

  • Weight: 2.18 grams
  • Price: 11,350 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

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9. Dubai gold earrings in 2 grams

Dubai gold earrings in 2 grams

Dubai gold earrings are in high demand in India. Most of the girls are very keen to wear Dubai gold ear rings. Especially Dubai gold earrings in two grams of gold are very popular among Indian girls.

The earrings you see in the photo above are made of only 2 grams of gold. If you are a fair lady and want to enhance the brightness of your look, then definitely you can use these earrings on your ears. It looks very shiny as it is made of pure gold.

  • Weight: 1.90 grams
  • Price: 9,880 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

10. Unique gold earrings design in 3.7 grams

Unique gold earrings design in 3.7 grams

A distinctly beautiful floral design has been created. The entire earring is a floral design. For women who love flowers more, this will be great. The beauty of the flower is fully revealed in it. It is very easy to wear.

These unique earrings design are made to be very durable so you can use them for a long time. It is unlikely to get damaged even after daily use. You can collect it with absolute peace of mind.

  • Weight: 3.26 grams
  • Price: 16,960 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

11. 1.5 Grams Gold Earrings by Kula Designs

Unique gold earrings designs in 1.5 grams

These attractive gold earrings by Kula designs are brand new in the market. Earlier this type of earrings never came in the market. So you can add it to your everyday jewelry collection as brand newIt will make your jewelry wardrobe more attractive.

If you have it in your jewelry collection, many will be more attractive to you. As it is made in a unique design, you can wear it as a unique gold earring.

  • Weight: 1.45 grams
  • Price: 7,540 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

12. Latest gold earrings design in 1.5 grams

Unique gold earrings design in 4 grams

It is the latest gold earring within 1.5 grams to hit the market. For those of you who are looking for the latest gold earrings, this will be absolutely awesome. It is most attractive to wear all the time. Also it would be great to gift to anyone.

Many mothers have gifted these earrings to their beloved daughters. Also, if you have a low budget and wish to collect attractive gold earrings, then you can also collect it.

  • Weight: 1.33 grams
  • Price: 6,920 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

13. 2 grams new gold earrings

Unique gold earrings design in 2 grams

For those of you who are looking for new earrings in 2 gram gold to wear all the time, this will be great. It is preferred by many women in Dubai. It is actually very difficult to make such attractive gold earrings with such a light weight.

However, our country’s artisans have made these gold earrings as per your needs, yet they are made with light weight and are very durable. You can use it for many days. You can add it to your jewelry collection if you want.

  • Weight: 2.08 grams
  • Price: 10,820 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

14. Hoop Earrings in 3 grams

Hoop Earrings in 3 grams

Many foreign women have used these hoop earrings from only three villages. Hoop Earrings are mostly used by foreign women. But India being a big country there are also many women in India who love to wear hoop earrings. These gold hoop earrings are attractive with very light weight for them. You can collect it from any jewelery store in your city.

  • Weight: 2.52 grams
  • Price: 13,100 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

15. Latest unique earrings design

Latest unique earrings design

These earrings are designed with full plant leaves. If you have seen the leaves of the tetu tree, you will understand how attractive it is. These attractive earrings are designed in the same way that the leaves of the willow tree are designed.

Dear ladies, for those of you who are looking for unique gold ear rings, these earrings are a must to collect. You can wear these earrings in your birthday party if you want. It is made with very light weight. So you don’t have to face any problem to collect.

  • Weight: o.84 grams
  • Price: 4,380 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

16. 1.48 gram gold earrings with price

4 gram gold earrings with price

Many gold ring designs are used in it. The use of gold rings in these gold earrings designs for daily use has made them more attractive. For those girls who want to use a little larger gold ring in their ears, this will be great.

If desired, thin women from middle-class families can wear these gold earrings on their weddings as well. You can get a lot of profit by collecting these earrings at a low cost.

  • Weight: 1.48 grams
  • Price: 7,700 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

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17. Simple gold earrings in 1.5 grams with price

3 grams gold earrings

Only gold cut designs are in these earrings. So it has gained a lot of popularity in the market as a simple gold earrings. These gold earrings are ordered to be made by customers on display at various jewelery shops.

It is easy to make as well as very easy to wear. If you wear it with red saree it can be very awesome. Of course you can also gift it to someone.

  • Weight: 1.19 grams
  • Price: 6,200 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

18. 1.49 gram gold earrings with price

3.5 gram gold earrings

These attractive gold earrings are crafted with utmost precision by local artisans. If you look closely, you can see the traditional earring design in it. Generally there are many women who are very fond of traditional earrings.

For them basically these earrings are made in traditional design with light weight. You will be very admired when you go anywhere wearing it. It is very popular to wear it in birthday parties for girls from traditional families.

  • Weight: 1.49 grams
  • Price: 7,750 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

19. Unique leaf design

Unique gold earring

These very attractive unique gold earrings design might catch your eye very easily. The upper part of these earrings is fully leaf designed. It will be most excellent if used by women from rich families. Also, if you want to make yourself look more rich, you can use it. It will help you look more rich. It is made with very light weight.

  • Weight: 1.80 grams
  • Price: 9,360 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

20. 3 gram gold earrings with price

3 gram gold earrings

This attractive flower with five petals will look really great on girls’ ears. You will be more attractive than you look in the photo when you wear it.

There are many women in India who use flower necklaces and earrings on their ears and neck. If you are like them, then you can also make yourself more attractive by wearing these gold flower earrings.

  • Weight: 1.17 grams
  • Price: 6,100 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

21. Unique gold earrings with price

Unique gold earrings designs

These attractive earrings are now worn by women in Delhi, India while visiting their relatives’ houses. If you want you can also wear it and visit your relative’s house. There are many husbands who want to give attractive gifts to their wives within a small budget.

These 3 gram gold earrings new design will be great for them. If you make it at low cost and give it to your wife, she will be very happy and love you more.

  • Weight: 1.64 grams
  • Price: 8,530 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

22. 1 Gram pure Gold Earrings with Price

Unique earrings design

You can make your loved one more special by gifting these attractive gold earrings with symbols of love. One of the things that make girls happy nowadays is jewelry design. Girls love jewelery design a lot so gifting it to them makes them very happy. You can also gift these earrings to your own daughter if you want.

  • Weight: 1.49 grams
  • Price: 7,750 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

23. Bauti earrings designs with price

Unique gold earrings design

This earring design is very popular in the market called bowtie earring. They are medium in shape so women of any age are very attractive when worn.

Many people wear it in their own weddings and many people make it as a gift. Even old women wear these earrings. These earrings go very well with green colored clothes.

  • Weight: 5.43 grams
  • Price: 28,250 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

24. 2 grams new model earrings in gold

2 grams new model earrings in gold

Most girls always find small earrings to wear. Currently there are many designs in small earrings and hundreds of designs of small earrings are available in the market.

Today I am bringing you a bunch of small earrings, which are highly scrutinized and crafted to perfection. So the durable will be full. You can use it in your ears for a long time.

  • Weight: 1.80 grams
  • Price: 9,270 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

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25. Unique gold hoop Earrings

Unique gold hoop Earrings

At this stage, I have brought you a popular gold hoop earrings with a very great design. The demand for it is very high in the current market. It is now not only domestic girls but also foreign girls have started collecting.

It has gained a lot of popularity especially in Arab countries. You can make yourself more attractive by using these earrings.

  • Weight: 2.38 grams
  • Price: 12,380 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold

26. Cute earrings designs

3 gram earrings new design

There are many girls among you who love to wear cute earrings. For them I have brought these earrings as the last of today’s collection. Also, many of the photos that are shown are very cute. Hopefully, you must have liked one or the other from today’s collection. However, you can collect these earrings for yourself or for someone else.

  • Weight: 1.62 grams
  • Price: 8,350 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22k gold


Let me tell you the detailed discussion of each unique gold earrings design in today’s collection. Hope you like these earrings from today’s collection and want to collect them. If you want to collect them, you can collect them from any jewelry store in your city. Stay tuned to our website to see more such attractive gold jewelry designs. Thank you so much for being with us this long.

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