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Gold jewelry is a part of Indian art that has always been attractive and admired by Mughal Rajputs and many other kings and queens. Currently, gold  earrings are back in very nice design. Wedding gold earrings are being made in modern designs and classically for ages

Gold wedding earrings for bride are loved by almost everyone but women have always been the favorite ornament among them. Although its basic design with different flower is always right and earrings are being made in different designs with various modern designs and gemstones.

Today we will discuss some unique simple wedding gold earrings design according to your choice and needs. so let’s get to the details.

8 Unique Wedding gold earrings design for Bride:

In today’s collection you can see unique wedding gold earring designs.

1. Gold wedding earrings for bride

Earring design

  • Earring weigh: 5.760 Haram
  • Earring Price: 32.200 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

Beautiful earrings are incredibly beautiful. This bangle design is made with small flowers and big flowers on the top side of the bangle is also designed with six flower petals and the bottom part is designed with chains. The design is incredibly beautiful and attractive so everyone likes it. If you like, keep this earring with you. You can read it to get a heavy look.

2. Unique Wedding gold earrings

Earring design

  • Earring weight:8.360 gram
  • Earring price:42.580 Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

These gold wedding earrings bridesmaid look amazing. There are a variety of excellent designs that are attractive and captivating. It can be recited at a wedding or any wedding ceremony if you wish. This is one of the most acceptable designs for weddings. Goes well with a saree or gown and brings out your personality.

Again you can give it to someone as a gift or keep it for yourself.When you ware this Wedding gold earrings you look like a beautiful queen and impress your loved ones who want to see you like this.

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3. Butterfly Earring Design

Earring design

  • Earring weight:1.040 gram
  • Earring price: 7.117Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

Palai designed ear rings. This earring is designed with a butterfly design. It is a completely unique design and latest. This is for those who want simple ear rings for daily use. You can read it Saree Salwar Kameez if you want. The Wedding gold earrings are light weight so it will be comfortable to read.You can ware this beautiful earrings with Saree, salwer kameez or gown.If you want to look simple in your wedding then you can take this ear rings.Hope you will looking simple in your wedding ceremony.

4. Kan pasha Earring Design

  • Earring weight:6.120 gram
  • Earring price: 34.450 Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

Very awesome white gold wedding earrings. Another one-of-a-kind design designed with exquisite flowers and chains. Nowadays many people like Kanpasha designs so this is for you. Simple will bring gorgeous people and make you unique.You can ware this ear rings sharee, salwar kameez or gown.

But you look pretty when you ware this unique collection with Sharee in your wedding.They are perfectly shiny and glossy. Go with nose pin gold necklace to enhance the beauty of your earrings. A Banarasi suit or a half silk lehenga with earrings will look great on your wedding outfit.

5. Exclusive Earring Design

Earring design

  • Earring weight: 5.920
  • Earring price: 33,600Rs
  • Metal:21 gold

This is another excellent design. The floral design is flecked so it looks very glossy. A variety of floral designs make the earrings unique. These earrings are for those who prefer plain gold earrings for weddings. You can get these gold wedding earrings for bride for wedding on a low budget. There is no comparison to these ear rings for a look.

It goes well with a red tuk tuk saree and makes you look like a perfect bride. You can wear it in any wedding party with salwar kameez or gown too if you want. You can take it for yourself without delay.

6. Floral Kan pasha Earring Design

Earring design

  • Earring weight:3.750 gram
  • Earring price:7,100 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

looks how this beautiful Kan pasha designs!Its extraordinary flower design is in one word beautiful. This ear ring is for those who want a very simple wedding look. These small earrings are full of various craftsmanship. These earrings go well with sarees or gowns.This will be perfect for those of you who are looking for Kan pasha designs. You can wear it on a wedding or bridal shower. It is light in weight so it is very easy and comfortable to carry.You can buy or make this for you wedding. 14k gold wedding earrings are very popular now in India.

7. Kanbali Earring Design

Earring design

  • Earring weight: 5.160 gram
  • Earring price: 28,900 Ra
  • Metal:21k gold

Look at this earring, a very beautiful design. It is a long ear design. For those of you looking for light weight long gold bridal earrings drop. It is very shiny and helps to bring glamor look.You can read this earring every day if you want. May fall in your marriage or wedding ceremony.

If saree or half silk lehenga goes with this earring then you will also look very beautiful. Women who prefer long and light weight earrings for their wedding can definitely pick this up and ware this beautiful ear rings.

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8. Heart Shape Earring Design

Earring design

  • Earring weight:1.130 gram
  • Earring price:7,700Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

Look at the beautiful gold bridal earrings drop.  It is heart save design and poly ear ring. A very unique design that will catch everyone’s attention.Heart shape is the symbol of love so this Wedding gold earrings is an expression of love. And if you wear heart shape earrings in your wedding then it will be uncommon.

Those of you who want heart save and light weight gold earrings for your wedding or any wedding event can get it.These earrings are light and thin and can be read every day. It will look amazing with the gown and make your wedding look sophisticated.

That’s why if someone wears a small earring, it can be easily carried without any problem. Another advantage of small gold earrings is that it can be made with little effort. Almost all women have a weakness for gold ornaments. The use of gold earrings is one of our daily needs.

We always try to discuss in our articles about latest and latest unique designs of small gold earrings according to your preferences and needs. I hope you like it, I will discuss all the new designs on another day. Thank you very much for taking the time to read the article.

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