5 Latest Wedding Gold Necklace Design 2022

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5 Latest Wedding Gold Necklace Design 2022

Today I am going to show you some of the most popular wedding gold necklace design these days. Indian gold necklace designs preferred by Indian women are really attractive. These gold necklaces have gained a lot of popularity this week. Large quantities are collected by women to wear on weddings. These necklace designs are the most sold in the market as they are especially preferred by Indian women. You can also collect any one for yourself if you wish.

These wedding gold necklace designs from today’s collection are so attractive that they get thousands of likes and comments within hours of being shared on social media and everyone wants to collect them. In fact, the beauty of these necklaces is so much that it grabs your attention as soon as you see it. This necklace design is constantly catching the attention of hundreds of women, not just you.

These gold necklaces for wedding wear are made with very heavy weight. Because Indian women usually wear heavy weight gold jewelery sets on their weddings. Each necklace has a different design. I will let you know the exact price of each necklace. Hope you get answers to all questions about necklaces.

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1. Wedding gold necklace design

wedding gold necklace

  • wedding gold necklace design
  • Necklace weight: 79 grams
  • Necklace price: 368,298 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold

The middle part of this necklace is made like net with gold. A small flower has been used in between. It actually looks great. This necklace design will be very charming especially for wedding wear. You can easily grab the attention of hundreds of people by wearing it in a wedding. It will stick to your neck. This attractive gold necklace is made of around 77 grams of gold. Although heavy in weight, the beauty of this necklace will make you admired by everyone.

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2. New shape wedding gold necklace

wedding gold necklace d

  • Necklace weight: 65 grams
  • Necklace price: 303,030 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold

This new shape attractive gold necklace is made with more than 60 grams of gold weight. Many women from wealthy families are wearing this gold necklace on their weddings. It has a beautiful ball shaped design in it. Which looks great when worn by women. If you are looking for necklaces to wear to a wedding for yourself. Then you can collect it and hope you can make your loved ones happy by wearing it. It is very well made so there is no worry of spoiling it.

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3. wedding gold necklace sets

wedding gold necklace designs

  • Necklace weight: 71 grams
  • Necklace price: 331,002 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold

This wedding gold necklace goes well with a pair of earrings. Made entirely of pure gold, these gold necklaces look very bright and are full of durability. Research shows that 21 carat gold jewelry is very durable. So if you are looking for attractive wedding gold necklace designs to wear for a long time, then you can get it. This necklace has a traditional design. So married women can also wear it if they want.

4. best for wedding gold necklace design

best for wedding gold necklace design

  • Necklace weight: 72 grams
  • Necklace price: 335,664 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold

The designs that our native artisans are currently making in wedding gold necklace designs are so attractive that women from different countries also express their desire to collect these gold necklaces. Especially now many women in United Arab Emirates are very fond of these gold necklaces. Try to collect them. So if you are an Indian woman and looking for an attractive gold necklace to wear on your wedding then this will definitely be great.

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5. wedding gold necklace set

wedding gold necklace set

  • Necklace weight: 75 grams
  • Necklace price: 349,650 Rs 
  • Metal: 21k gold

At the end of today’s collection I have brought you another stunning gold necklace. Which is made for wedding wear. Currently, this necklace design is very popular in the market. Women are collecting extensively to wear on their weddings. You can also collect it if you want. Hope you like every wedding gold necklace design in today’s collection. And you want to collect them. If you wish to collect them, you can collect them from any major jewelry store in your city. Or you can contact us.

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