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10 best Ways To Look Expensive At A Party Dresses

Ladies, I went digging for you and I actually did find some party dresses. That are classy and look expensive. Here you will definitely find the best party dresses of your choice. Here you will find attractive dresses for party wear like christmas party dresses, unique party dresses uk, debenhams party dresses, zara party dresses etc. So without any worry you can check them out and they will definitely benefit you and I’m now gonna present them to you.

1. Wrap silk Midi

Wrap silk Midi

So this is a classic model made by Zimmerman, and I really love this type of dress because it is, first of all, classy, but second of all, it’s very feminine. And what makes it feminine is all these frails, but also the very lightweight material where the dress really just follows your body in a very feminine essential way. What makes this dress elegant is the material. Because it’s made out of silk, It just elevates the dress so much that you look put together and classy wherever you go. And this dress comes in many different colors. You can see I have it in different variations.

2. One Shoulder Ribbed

One Shoulder Ribbed Dress

And now a little bit of popup color. Isn’t it exciting when a dress has a bit of color going on, and especially let’s say if you go to a party, you definitely gonna stand out a bit in a positive way if you add color to your party dress. It is, however, a little bit on the price side because how much is it costing? Well, $890 approximately. And yes, you ladies have asked me in the comments if I can stop only showing fast fashion items to you, but also show you some mid range or even premium type of brands, which I’m gonna be doing a little bit today. But I’m also gonna show you some more affordable alternatives too.

Why I believe a dress like this works is because it’s mid length, so it’s covering, but it’s at the same time revealing up here, meaning that something is going on so it’s not too boring or too frumpy. Then it’s also showing off your beautiful silhouette, meaning that it looks very feminine and attractive so that it doesn’t end up looking boring, even though it’s a covering dress.

Does this work if you were to an office Christmas party? My answer is yes, it does, because it’s quite conservative in a way, while being a little bit of center of attention. B, does it work if you go to a club? And in my opinion, a dress like this wouldn’t work in the club.

3. Black Mini Dress for zara party dresses

Black Mini Dress 

Now here you have a mini dress and you might be wondering, but wait a second. What is going on here? Well, let me tell you one thing is that I personally don’t like wearing short zara party dresses like this. Frankly, I never wear them because I don’t feel comfortable in them. I don’t think they’re the most flattering on me. And I also feel like at my age, I prefer just a little bit more coverage than a mini dress. However, I am aware that I have all kinds of ladies reading my article and perhaps you are a lady where you would like to show a little bit more legs, a little bit more skin, and you actually want to wear something mini.

Perhaps it might be because of your age or the culture you’re in or whatever. So here you have an option that I am suggesting to you. I can’t stand it to be honest, but I don’t have a problem with variations to the mini dress. And this would be a variation because this is not a bodycon dress. This is a beautiful silk dress with this kind of boat neck cut. And then it’s a little bit loose in its shape. And what I like about this dress is that first of all, the fabric, the silk adds elegance. Second of all, the fact that it’s not figure fitted, although it’s a mini dress, still makes it a classy dress.

Because if this dress was completely bodycon, it would’ve felt a bit too much. But the fact that it’s a bit loose, it breaks off the kind of I’m trying so hard to look sexy type of energy. If you want to wear a mini dress, you have to consider three sensitive areas. 1. how much skin you’re showing, 2. how much cleavage you’re showing, and 3. if it’s figure fitted, because what happens if you hit all those three things, it becomes too much. You can hit one, you can hit two, but never hit all of them three together. That’s when you start feeling a little bit like a woman of the night type of feeling.

So as you can see in this dress, it’s not showing a lot of figure, but it’s showing a lot of legs. It doesn’t actually show a lot of cleavage, which is why I think this dress really works. But then we’re gonna do the test. Can you wear it to your office Christmas party? No, it’s too sexy. No, Can you wear it to a club? Yes, perfect for a club because it’s more revealing and more kind of seductive and feminine.

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4. Fringed Strapless Mini Dress for unique party dresses uk

Fringed Strapless Mini Dress

And now we’re entering the little black dress department because I am going to present to you some black dresses that I believe are a classic and a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Whenever you don’t know whether something is too much or how you’re gonna fit in somewhere, a black dress is always gonna do the job unless it’s too revealing. And here you can see I’m wearing this unique party dresses uk and I love fringe dresses for many, many reason. First of all, look how fun it is. If you are planning on dancing a lot, then you have to wear a fringe dress because you simply get into the feeling of just shaking your hips and you feel like you’re part of dancing or something.

Another great thing is the fact that if you are traveling, let’s say with a carry on only, fringe dresses are great because you can literally throw them in your carry on. And you don’t even have to bring your steamer with you because you won’t need to steam this type of dress. They simply don’t wrinkle. However, one thing to be cautious about is the fact that fringes, they do add a little bit of width to a person. Not always, but sometimes it actually depends on how the dress is made. Ladies, how you are built as a person. Because there are some technical things that you really, really should know if you want to always look fantastic in everything you wear and buy.

So go to ElegantStylist.me and get more information or how you can become a pro at styling yourself. So what about does it work for the office Christmas party? I would say yes, ladies, go for it. Definitely. It’s not too much, it’s perfect. You blend in so well, you will feel so at ease in the fringe dress. Does it work in a club? I would say yes, because you’re gonna be dancing a lot. And this is perfect for club. 

5. Polka Dot Mesh Mini Dress for debenhams party dresses

Polka Dot Mesh Mini Dress

So we are back to mini dresses and I wouldn’t personally wear this dress, but I do recommend those ladies who perhaps are a little bit athletic or you are on the younger side who want to show a bit of leg. So what I really like about this debenhams party dresses is actually this polka dot tulle material. I think it looks very feminine. It looks a little bit seductive almost. And actually, it’s nice because it’s covering up your arms. Because think about this dress otherwise, if you remove this tulle, you will feel a little bit naked.

This helps cover it up and makes it more sophisticated. I also really like the sweetheart neck line. I think it looks flattering, and I know it actually flatters most body shapes, which is fantastic. Even women with a little bit of cleavage can wear it because it won’t look too much It will cover up a bit. Would I wear this at a Christmas party? No, ladies, I think it’s too short. I would definitely cover up a little bit more for that event. Would I wear it to a club? Definitely. I think this is perfect for a club because it’s more revealing.

6. Black Draped Midi nice party dresses

Black Draped Mini Dress

And now on the party dress menu of today, we actually have the most affordable dress that you’re gonna see today. And do I think that it looks cheap? No. Well, actually depends because you can make any dress look cheap if you wear the wrong shoes, the wrong accessories, and overall just act really cheaply. And with this nice party dresses, I would say yes, you can definitely get it wrong, let’s say if you wear the wrong footwear. A pair of stilettos like this with such platform in combination with this type of dress, no, you wouldn’t look very classy.

You would look a little bit more on the tacky side versus how I styled it today with this cute little clutch, with this cute little shoes because they both kind of add a little bit of an expensive touch to dress that actually is fairly plain and fairly simple. But ladies, plain and simple doesn’t always mean it’s bad. You can always use it as a base and then spice things up by adding some fun things to it. But what I like about this dress in particular is the fact that it’s incredibly feminine. I like this neck line. It’s actually supposed to be like this, a bit off the shoulder, but I thought it was a bit too much.

So I pulled it back in, creating this really nice v-neck and v-neck suits a lot of women, if you decide to wear it off the shoulder, then ladies who are inverted triangles need to really pay attention because it is widening. And your shoulders might look broader. But probably the best detail of this dress is the fact that it is seductive, it is feminine, yet it is classic and it doesn’t look tacky. Why ? Because you are not showing that much skin after all. You leave some for your imagination, but you give a little preview here, a little sneak peek.

Now, would I wear this to an office Christmas party? I would say no. I think it’s a bit too seductive. It’s too feminine. I mean, you don’t want your boss to start having different thoughts about you because you look so hot in this dress. Would you wear it to a club? Yes, because you look so feminine and fantastic and hot. Just as a last note, I’m now gonna show you a variation of this dress. Buy the same brand in the same price category. Also very nice, but just a little bit of alternative if you don’t want to wear this type of neckline.

7. Halter Neck Black Midi cheap party dresses

Halter Neck Black Midi Dress

Here, you’re seeing a beautiful halter neck. But you know, ladies, I have to really admit to you that it makes me feel good when I find items like this of mid range brands thay are not so expensive. Because if you go to Zara, technically speaking, spending $150 in there, you can also be buying some cheap party dresses, but it’s gonna be in much poorer quality versus here I bought it from a mid range brand. And this is what I mean when I say Anna’s hidden gems. I’m gonna be showing more of those things on this article. So follow our website because your life is gonna change null once you do that.

8. Ruched Red Midi for christmas party dresses

Ruched Red Mini Dress

Now do I look feminine and seductive to you right now? Well, that was the whole point to why I chose this christmas party dresses in the color red. Because actually this dress exists in multiple colors. You have also seen it on Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, the Reboot. She wore a beautiful version of this dress in baby blue. And if you’re a loyal follower, you know that baby blue is one of my favorite colors. However, I wanted to spice things up a little bit today, so that’s why I chose the color red. But not only did I do it because of that, also because I know that this is a killer look, if you want to impress a man and make him find you incredibly irresistible, choose a beautiful dress that shows your figure, ladies. Choose the color red and he’s gonna go crazy.

And voila. And the good thing is that this dress actually doesn’t cost that much. Well, it depends what you compare it with, but it’s one of the more affordable dresses today. What I really love about this christmas party dresses is of course, not only the color, but also the fact that it’s so flattering on the female silhouettes. Whether you have a waist or not, this dress is gonna create an illusion of it because of the ruching elements going on here. But I do also love the fact that this is a proper midi dress. And midi dresses don’t have to feel boring or as if you are grandma.

No. So this is what I mean when I say on this channel that ladies, you don’t have to show skin to look or feel sensual. I’m not showing a lot of skin. I feel very seductive and very beautiful in my female element right now. Now would does dress work at a Christmas party? Yes, because it’s covering and it feels Christmas even if it has a touch of seductiveness, it’s okay. It’s so covering it doesn’t matter. What about in a club? Oh yes, because I look so seductive and so cute.

9. Dionne Midi party dresses for ladies

Dionne Midi Dress

So here we have a typical kind of retro, 60’s inspired dress. The reason why I wanted to show this party dresses for ladies is because this is actually a beautiful dress to wear at a formal occasion. Let’s say you’re going to a party like a Christmas party at your office, then you can definitely wear this dress. However, you should never wear dress like this if you go to a club, because entering a club in a dress like this, you’re gonna feel like you’re definitely an old grandma. And ladies, this is something you have to pay attention to when you choose party dresses.

There will be styles like you can see right now where that simply will never work in a club, but it would perfectly work fine in a more conservative setting. So I want you to remember after leaving today’s article is that there are conservative party dresses and then there are more, you know, spicy type of party dresses that you can wear to clubs and whenever you want to let your hair down.

But needless to say, you will definitely need both types in your arsenal because the worst is wearing a bit of a dress that is too much for conservative setting. But this one is very beautiful, in my opinion, in particular because of the flattering a-line shape of the dress. A a-line really works on pretty much all body shapes.

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10. Scarlett Halter Neck Midi Dress

Scarlett Halter Neck Midi Dress

And as a grand finale, we have this beautiful dress from Rick Owens in the color pearl in this really light weight but ruching material again, adding a lot of femininity. However, it also is very comfortable. And you know me, I love comfort. I don’t think that just because you just formally, you have to be uncomfortable. I do also love these type of materials that are jersey like very stretchy, but also have a silky touch to them.

Now, would I wear this to a Christmas party? Yes, because it is covering and it’s okay if it’s a little bit on the feminine and seductive side. Would I wear this to a club? Oh yes. Now, if you want to find out what party dresses you should really avoid wearing, then hop on over to my next article because there I will be educating you on party dresses. You should never be caught dead in wearing. I will see you in that article.

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