7 Best Holiday Outfits: Chic & Festive Looks Can Wear All Year!

Fatima Rani

A Week of Holiday Outfits: Chic & Festive Looks Can Wear All Year!

Right now you might be searching holiday outfits to wear to your next holiday event. Whether that is just simply going to be with family or something much more upscale like, an actual holiday party of hanging out with colleagues at a special event. So today I’m going to be sharing a few outfits for you to where you can be prepared for those moments. And I believe that these will still suit your closet. So that you can carry them with you into the new year. we’re going to go into all of that today so let’s get started for this.

How do you dress up holiday outfits?

Most people read various videos and articles to find out which outfit will be the best for the holidays. Really great ideas come from there. So you too can collect your holiday outfit that way. Below are the best holiday outfits waiting for you.

1. First Number Holiday outfits

First Outfit Of Your Choice

first outfit. I’m wearing the Mallory jumper. This is a blend of wool and kid mohair and this design here on the front Blends into the sides. And the back and on it. You’ve got all of these beautiful pastels, which are going to go really well into the spring season. So that’s why I really wanted to pick this one up. Because, I knew that it wouldn’t just be for this specific time period and it also has all the lovely gold details on here. Which makes it still very festive now. I normally don’t wear pastels because of my skin tone. But this has a little bit of a yellow Hue throughout the whole thing which makes it very much more appropriate for my warmer, more like pale olive skin.

So with that I chose to pick up the Austin trousers for this. Wnd I really have tried this in different colors before and that was so lovely. Because of the way that it is cut and how it cinches right at the waist and it just carries through to a very lovely length that. I don’t mind folding up at the bottom. So I didn’t even need to get it hemmed but, this is a more like a cranberry color, up close a little bit of a maroon in between a maroon and a burgundy. And I do like this little tiny bit of blend of it feels like, they’ve got some gold flecks in it and some brown up close.

So it is something that’s going to blend well with other tops and we’ll get into that in a little bit. But I thought that it was a nice mix I could have worn just jeans with that top but, with this it just felt like, it was a little bit more dressed up and I paired them with some white boots which are the Misha boots from sezane. So this is a head to toe Suzanne look I also tried it with a trench and that’s in Sage. It’s the Scott trench and that was a unique blend because, I’ve got like a pale green which is pulling from a lot of the patterns in the top and then, it’s just complementing the red color.

2. Second Number Holiday outfits for elegant women

second Outfit Of Your Choice

Here so absolutely lovely how it all came together this next outfit. I wanted to switch out that sweater for this one. This is the Angie cardigan and I love the color here which is called Rosewood. I feel like that is a beautiful name for this because, it has little flecks of white in it. So it is more of a softer red and so what I wanted to do is to create a monochromatic look. Where this is much softer than and lighter than. The pants are so all together. This is a very interesting look and it’s very lengthening. So if you’re looking to look like long and slim with your outfit this season, then this would be a really lovely and feminine, take on that,

so it’s a way to wear pink instead of like bright red for that red sweater that a lot of people tend to wear during Christmas. And I love this crochet pattern that’s all over it. You can wear it open or you could wear it closed. There’s so many ways that you can style this and I do believe it’s a home run for that reason. It also has balloon sleeves which makes it even more feminine. And just I think very striking. I think as a sweater for the jacket with this outfit.

You might have seen this one from the last Article, I did which was the November winter collection. This is from the men’s line of sezane and I feel like it. Gave it a little bit of a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. Because, you’ve got that crochet necklace line. There from the sweater and then this still has a lot of the warm red tones in it from the outfit underneath.

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3. Third number chic holiday outfits

third Outfit Of Your Choice

Next you will definitely get comments about this outfit. I believe it’s actually a wonderful outfit to meet parents in by the way, I just feel like it’s very conservative and a little bit retro. I at first was on the fence about like if this would work for me and just because of my body and my personal taste. But when it arrived. I fell in love with the different ways, That I found a style this, I liked to wear it with this Green Top here. I think that on the website it was pictured with more of a white shirt. And that looks really great. And a bit more ethereal but, this just felt a little bit more to me like something,

It brings out a lot of the green, that’s in this and the blue tones because this is technically more of an ivy color here. So all together I feel like this was a really fun look and I didn’t mind just cinching it at the waist. It doesn’t need to be having and belt on it but it just for my body proportions I felt like it was a good compliment. Now for this too I’ve been saying jacket I think even in my last article I said the word Jacquard but, I discovered that is just pronounced Jacquard and then I went through this whole Rabbit Hole online about how Jacquard came around the founder and like all this but, basically it is a fabric a specific way, that it is woven to where it’s tightly woven but also very intricate on the patterns and the Beautiful design here. This are chic holiday outfits

And the more that you just stare at this dress it is really intricate and high quality and it’s also lined on the inside. So all together this is a high quality piece and I’m so shocked at the price for this it’s very reasonable. For this look I wanted to pair it with the Arthur jacket. This one comes back in and out of stock all the time so definitely check out to see if it’s in stock in your size right now. Chances are that it will be but, I love obviously the patent leather look of this and it’s a little bit in the Y2K realm which I talked about in my Trends article. But wearing it with a very retro outfit had a different vibe entirely. And I’m not mad about it.

I think it’s such a cool look and it’s also weatherproof and you might need to switch out the boots. But other than that I would say that it’s perfectly weatherproof, if you’re looking for something that meets your needs. 

4. Fourth number outfits for ladies

4th Outfit Of Your Choice

next outfit I wanted to put together something that was just black jeans and a sweater. But my what a sweater. This has pearls all over the sleeves of it. This is made from the same material as the rose sweater before it. So this is something where you’re going to feel very cozy. It’s very lightweight again and the sleeves can be cinched up but, they are cinched at the bottom on the cuff. So it is something you could wear a straight down as well. These little pearls remind me of snowflakes. The way that this is heathered in the material makes it looks so lovely. I do think that because this is a lighter gray and it’s a little bit antiqued.

That’s why it still works so well for my skin tone. And i think that it would work for just about anyone, those who have cooler skin. I think would still find this incredibly beautiful on them. The neckline here is a bit higher than normal. I think that’s in comparison just about the same. Maybe they both have the same neckline there. So that is something to consider if you’re looking for something, that is not touching your neck, then you could opt for something else like this cardigan which can open up. But if you don’t mind some of the um the sweater material here getting on your neck then this would be a really lovely look.

For this look I grabbed a coat from the last article that I did and this is the coral coat. This is a bit more toward charcoal as a gray and it’s got a really cool chevron pattern on it. It’s a little bit shorter than a lot of the other jackets that I normally wear. But it’s got a really cool like cocoon design. I feel like just having the gray underneath as a contrast is lovely and you still get a little bit of that heathered material underneath. So that was a cool look. I think that it works really well just with having those black jeans on.

5. 5th number women holiday outfits

5th Outfit Of Your Choice

next let’s talk through the women holiday outfits that I’m wearing right now. But one thing that I really liked about this formula is that you can dress down a more sequin top. So if you get a statement top like this, you can wear it with something, that is more casual on bottom or even just a trouser, if you live in a colder climate than me. But right now we’ve got some mild temperatures. So I’m wearing more of a short here these are the Wallace shorts. Then I also could have worn a skirt with this for the same effect.

But I love the green sequins here. I felt like it gave it such a statement to have sequins. I love to wear anything that’s super shiny for going to Christmas parties and especially New Year’s. I feel like if you’ve got a little tinge of red to your hair at least a little then, you could really complement that very well as for a jacket choice.

I really thought that a leather jacket would give this such an edge. You know this outfit has a little bit of an edge already. So it’s leaning a little bit more into that there are some Sazon leather jackets, that work really great. This one is old and out of stock but, that one’s a little bit thicker. I think that’s good for this time of year.

6. 6th number outfits for holidays

6th Outfit Of Your Choice

next while still working with the shorts and the boots from before I wanted something that would be maybe for people who want to tone down the festive side of things. This is something you could wear all year long. So this is The Celestine cardigan and I love the buttons along here because, I tend to wear jewelry that has gold and black accents in it. Then the femininity from the top is really lovely and beautiful. Something that I’ve really embraced race through other shirts. That I have in my closet. So this is perfectly in line with my personal style.

The rest of it is a sweater which a lot of times when I have tops like these. They don’t come in the form of a sweater. So that is very cozy and a bit warmer. So I can layer on top with things, that are great and warm. I can layer under it with either a cami or something that, if you are super sensitive to anything wool, then you could wear something as simple as a long sleeve tee underneath or something, that has a bit of spandex in it. So that it clings to your body. Then that won’t like crimp the material on top at all. So you can layer very nicely with that. So there’s all sorts of ways, that you can make outfits warmer.

By the way, let me know if you want a article about that because I married someone from Wisconsin. I’ve done my time with colder weather for sure as for outerwear. I wore the coral coat again with this look. Because, it is very French and Chic with having doing just beautiful black and white elements. So the coral coat is perfect. I added a beret on top and then I added the Clark bag which just makes the whole thing look a lot more feminine. I think that because of the boots and the top. I really wanted something that would bring it more in line with something chic and these do the trick perfectly.

7. 7th number cute holiday outfits

7th Outfit Of Your Choice

This top might be my personal favorite. I love the color which is called caramel. I also love this beautiful pattern on it which picks up the light. so this cute holiday outfits almost like a a polka dot in some way for holiday outfits. But, it’s very gilded. So this is something for, if you want to really look feminine and this is someone who wants to stand out will wear this. But even then I feel like it drapes. So nicely to where you don’t feel like you are over dressed. This is also lovely because it’s got this beautiful Ribbon or not ribbon but collar here which is a lavalier collar. The fact that it’s tied to this side is even more Chic.

So you’ve got two covered buttons there and then having that just makes me feel like it is perfect for Christmas time. Then you can layer with that. So what I chose to dress it with was Some Velvet shorts. Right now you might not find these in stock. Then this has little embroideries on it with this black velvet with the gold on top. So I felt like because of that it combined very well. So what’s happening here as far as an outfit formula is that you’ve got a statement piece up top and then because these could have been a statement on their own.

They’re really not because the shirt sort of takes over there. So now you’ve got something that’s perfectly complemented. I could have worn anything with this top honestly but, having that just felt like it was still very festive and special as an outfit. Then for the jacket I thought that I would complete. The Ensemble with this which is just going to match the shorts below it. So again as far as an outfit formula here you could do something as simple as the will jacket which is in black.

That has more of a tuxedo feel to it that is so lovely as a queen silhouette or you could do something like this. Where you’ve got something that is softer in its material and that has its own drape and a different look entirely but, i really do like and collect velvet Blazers and jackets. Because they just seem to have a little bit more of a cool girl vibe to them.

I am not upset with that at all. But what’s really neat about this outfit. Is that no matter what you style on top this. This collar is going to just naturally drape outside of that. That’s going to create such a statement look for yourself.

let me know in the comments which one of these was your favorite look and let me know what you’re wearing for your next holiday event. I will see you then bye.

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