9 Best Jewelry Necklace for 2023 Fashion Style

Nila Nahar

Jewelry design

The use of jewelry necklace is eternal for women. But the same design is not always good. Almost all women are attracted to the latest new designs. New jewelry designs are being made in keeping with the times. Which of these jewelry  are of light weight and many are of heavy weight. In our today’s article we will discuss 9 new jewelry designs. So let’s discuss in detail.

1. Dazzling Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry Necklace

This jewelry necklace looks very nice. The necklace is designed in three layers. This jewelry necklace will give the bride a stunning look with saree.If you want you can get it made from the nearest jewelry within 20 grams.

  • Weight: 24 grams 
  • Price: 140,688 Rs (current) 

2. Traditional Jewelry

Jewelry design

The tradition of this necklace is manifold. It’s as beautiful to look at as it is to carry. The finishing of the design of the necklace is amazing. You can carry very well with saree or gown if you want.

  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Price: 105,516 Rs (current) 

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3. Manipuri Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry design

The artistic design of this necklace is eye-catching. This jewelry necklace is one of the main carriers that highlight the Manipuri heritage. When you carry it your traditional side will come out and you will look different from everyone. So You can carry it with traditional clothes.

  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Price: 199,308 Rs (current)

4. Simple Traditional Jewelry

Jewelry design

This necklace will be one of the best for those who have not forgotten the tradition even in this modern age. If you can carry at any party or wedding ceremony, your look will be changed. It can be carry with saree gown or salwar kameez.

  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Price: 105,516 Rs (current)

5. Royal Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry design

This necklace is richly crafted to exude royalty. Today’s women look for jewelry necklaces with gorgeous designs in simple, just like this jewelry necklace. Looks amazing with a gown. You can ware into any fancy party.

  • Weight: 28 grams
  • Price: 164,136 Rs (current)

6. Aamrupali Gold Necklace

Jewelry design

This jewelry necklace is named as Amarupali. Undoubtedly, this is a very nice design. This is one for those who want traditional folk among ordinary people. It will help to bring out your outer beauty.

  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Price: 134,826 Rs (current) 

7. Husky Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry design

The husky jewelry necklace is exquisitely designed. Modern women put their preferences first. It goes well with sarees and is interesting to make. You can make it in 20 grams.

  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Price: 52,758 Rs (current)

8. Modern Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry design

It can be one of the modern choices of women in modern times. Take a place in your mind with its charming design. This is the wonderful creation of the jewelry maker. Saree or gown will go well. So order now without delay and make it.

  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Price: 93,792 Rs (current)

9. Leaf Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry design


This jewelry design is done with several leaves through a chain. This fancy design will be loved by almost everyone. You can make it more or less gold if you want. Meanwhile, it will carry very well with gown and show off your personality.

  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Price: 70,344 Rs (current)

We discuss new designs in our articles to help you get the latest designs. I will come up with some new jewelry designs in the future. And keep following our website to get all new jewelry designs. Thanks for being with us this long.

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