6 Latest Gold bangles Design For Every Bride

Nila Nahar

Latest gold bangles design

Latest gold bangles design liked by all women.Do you know that bangles is considered to be one of the oldest traditions in human history? Traces of it have been found in many parts of the Indian subcontinent such as Mayan, Maurya, Roman ancient ruins.

Made of stone or clay in India, wearing bangles cur is considered auspicious, so there is a practice of wear gold bangles in many rituals. gold bangles can enhance your beauty.

Bangles Design Jewelry without bangles makes the beaut bangles  incomplete, every girl likes the Latest gold bangles design and there is no question if she bangles the wedding. We shared 7 gold bridal bangles Design . So today we will discuss six Latest gold bangles design

1. Gold Double Sided Bangles

Gold bangles bangles

  • Bangles Design: Gold Double Sided Bangles
  • Bangles weight: 30 grams
  • Bangles price: 1 lac Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

Gold double sided bangles are liked by many women. It has excellent craftsmanship and resin design.Nowadays bangles have become very popular.Two balls on either side of this bangle give the latest gold bangles Design.

There are many people who always want to keep themselves in touch with modernity,  they like to wear the latest designs. This bangles will go well with necklaces and earrings. You can make this bangles in the 20 gram with 22kt gold. You can use it daily if you want.

2. Three Sided Bangles Design

Bangles Design

  • Bangles Design: Three Sided Bangles Design
  • Bangles weight: 17 grams
  • Bangles price: 98688 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

Latest gold bangles design liked by all. Beautiful looking three sided bangles. It is beautifully designed by three balls which looks very attractive all the bangles are beautifully crafted which gives a modern look and modern jewelers have created it with their sweet heart.

It can be made smaller and bigger according to the size of your hand and if you want you can make it with low  or more gold. It will bring glamor look with  jewelry necklace set, jhumka, tikli and red banarasi saree in your Marriage ceremony.It will make you look different and modern. Here you can see 11+ New gold bangles design 2022 | Bangle Designs

3. Latest gold bangles Design

Bangles Design

  • Bangles Design: Latest gold bangles design
  • Bangles weight:17 grams
  • Bangles price: 98578 Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold 

This design will be absolutely perfect for brides. These three-sided balls are very beautifully designed and all the bangles are full of mesmerizing designs. This is the new version of the three-sided machine baller. Those who prefer latest gold bangles design and modernity always find such designs for wedding brides.

You can make this design within 20 grams. It will look great with necklace, chadbali  earrings or nose pin and tikli . You can wear saree or gown with it for your wedding.

4. Simple bangles design

Latest gold bangles Design

  • Bangles Design: Simple three-sided bangles design
  • Bangles weight: 11.66 grams
  • Bangles price: 73.600 Rs
  • Matel: 22k gold

This will be one for those who are looking for simple yet sophisticated design for wedding.It is designed with simple craftsmanship. There are three balls with it. Nowadays latest gold bangles design is very wanted things.

Even after the wedding ceremony, you can use it daily if you want. It is less likely to get dirt because of its low workmanship. Can be wear with saree or gown in wedding.

5. Simple Gold Bangles Design

Bangles Design

  • Bangles Design:Simple Gold Bangles Design
  • Bangles weight: 11 66 grams
  • Bangles price: 73.600 Rs
  • Matel: 22k gold

I came up with this design for those who prefer faceless gold bangles. Hope you like it. Brides who don’t like more shiny bangles can get this for themselves.Latest gold bangles design is very much interesting.If you want you can make it 21kt gold.

Many find bangles in 11.66 grams for them . You can get these beautiful bangles in 11.66 grams. beautiful with necklace earring nose pin and silk saree will make you attractive in wedding. Also you can use it daily and it will be less dirty.

6.Three-sided bangles design

Bangles Design

  • Bangles Design: Three Sided Bangles Design
  • Bangles weight: 17 grams
  • Bangles price: 98677Rs
  • Metal: 22k gold

It is for those brides who want to take a three-sided bangles in a simple design. All the bangles are designed in a simple way and with three balls it gives it a modern look.  It with earrings, necklace, nose pin and red gorgeous Banarasi saree to give a stunning look to the bride.

Every girl’s choice Latest gold bangles Design. And if it can be made in 17  grams then there is no question. If you like the design, you can keep it in your collection.


No matter how many necklaces, earrings or any other jewelry is worn, the beauty of the jewelry does not come out without the Latest gold bangles design . You can decorate it and your beauty will increase manifold.These designs will make your bridal look more attractive and glamorous.

If you want, you can make the bangles in so 11.66 grams 17 grams or 20 grams.We always try to discuss all bangles designs according to your needs and preferences, today we discussed some latest gold bangles designs, I hope you like it. Thank you for being with us.

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