10 Unique Daily Use Gold Earrings Design With Weight

Fatima Rani

daily use gold earrings

Today’s collection of earrings has been made keeping in mind that all types of ladies can wear it, from young children to married women.Married women always need some light earrings to wear in there ears, in the design of today’s collection, we have kept a collection of some such light earring which married women or school going girls can easily wear.

There are also some sui-dhaga designs in this collection, some are so cute tiny earrings that girls can use and some earrings are also used for meenakari work, you can check all the earrings collection and buy as per your choice.

Regular wear earring is one such collection of earring which is the best selling design not only in India but all over the world Girls always love to wear earring.Our gold stud earrings price ranges are in very reasonable with your demand, and you can customize your earring design according to your choice from 22kt to 24kt gold


1. Star shape earring

Daily wear earring design 1

This type of small earring is in very much in trend nowadays.Teenage girls or office going girls like to wear this type of earring more.Its star shape is making its look more attractive.These unique designer gold studs earring are one such piece that impresses your fashionable desire to the next level, this is also a good option to gift someone.

  • Weight: 2 grams 
  • Design: gold earring
  • Occasion: gift, wedding 

2. Unique pattern earring

Daily wear earring design 2

Made in the shape of a small leaf, it is giving a very elegant and a designer look. Its main attraction is its matte finish work which makes this earring attractive.These classy pairs of gold studs are lightweight and very easy to carry all day long without any problem.This fashionable look gold top will go with multiple dresses for day to day life.You can also gift this earring to your daughter for her birthday because girls will like to wear these types of gorgeous lightweighted earrings.

  • Weight: 1.90 grams 

3.Traditional Pasha earring

This type of earring which is a little bigger size, it is quite famous in the Bengal side of India, it is also traditional earring of Bengal since very long times.To give a new look to this earring, red meenakari has been used in it and overall look of this earring is look like a flower.You can buy the earring for your mother or your wife, they will love it.

  • Weight: 6 grams

4. Half flower design earring

Earrings made in the shape of a half flower are very much in train nowadays, girls like to wear it with their ethnic wear, it has become a very famous design not only in India but also in many Asian countries.The earring has been made in the shape of three half flowers, which are coming from top to bottom in the shape of small to big and in this the design of petals is made and our craftsmen make small holes on it to highlight the petals degain.

  • Weight: 7 grams 

5. Dancing girl pattern earring

Its this earring has been made very carefully by our karigar, a dance form is shown in this earring.A Leaf degain is on the upper side of the earring and a girl is dancing at the bottom, its main attraction is the girl’s dress and her body language which is very beautifully made by our karigar.This earring is truly a master piece for any party or function. Wear this beautiful dancing lady earring with a floral gown or a saree and look wonderful.

  • Weight: 8 grams 

6. Gini pattern sui dhaaga earring

Our first earring today is a sui dhaga earring design, the top is made in a ginni design design and a thin chain is hanging at the bottom.Ginni earrings are quite famous in Rajasthan Gujarat side but nowadays this type of earring is very much liked not only in India but also in the world, it is quite easy to use due to the light being edited.This earring is light enough that you can wear it all day without any problem and can do your daily work easily or it is also perfect to go to a small party, you can also give it to someone so cute on their marriage or birthday occasion.

  • weight: 4 Grams 

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7. Traditional round shape earring

This is one of our very famous design from the collection of light weighting earrings ,which is loved by most of the Indian women this type of design is light and very comfortable to wear throughout the day.This type of small earring is very popular among school going girls or college going girls because they like to wear such type of earring design because these earrings are small and comfortable and do not open too quickly, no matter how much you jump and play.

  • Weight: 5.20 grams 

8. Very unique hoop daily use gold earrings

This type of earring has been the first choice of married women for a long time. Married women always have to wear something in their ear and any women prefer to wear such type of earrings because its hoop pattern,hoop pattern earrings do not sting in the ears and this are also a very good option to carry comfortably all day long. It’s design is made by combining the design of both Hoop and Sui Dhaaga earring, and it’s overall look is very beautiful.,

  • weight: 6.40 grams

9. Leaf pattern earring

Married women like to wear this type of earring more because its design is lightweight and classy.Married women like to wear this type of earring more because its design is little bigger and most of tha Indian women they always have to wear saree or salwar suit, that’s why ladies like this type of earring design more.Made in the shape of a leaf, the attraction of this earring is its designers cutwork and the machine work which is very well made by our karigar.

  • Weight : 4.50 grams 

10. Jhalar new design earring

This earring  is the most beautiful and unique design of our today collection.In these earrings, three rod-like symbols are made on the top and five very thin chains hanging below it. Look of this earring is very attractive.You can carry this type of earring with both your India or western dress it will look really beautiful.this earring will also add some classiness to your outfit.

  • weight: 7 grams 

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