Beautiful daily wear earrings in affordable price

Fatima Rani

daily wear earrings

We How wondered why the simple daily wear earrings is so close to a woman’s heart? It is as pure as her soul and defines her personality and style. Earring speak of elegance and charm.This earrings are the prettiest of the lot. They are every woman’s must-have collection and are relatively easy to choose too.

Daily wear earrings are a forever classic. Every woman should have a pair of baby wear simple earrings in their jewellery box for a timeless look. The pearl earring designs in long drops look gorgeous and are playful at the same time. In our today collection there is pearl earring also available.By using high high quality gold daily wear lightweight it hearing collection stands apart.

You need to choose the best gold earrings designs for daily use. Look through our online catalog, and you’ll find a selection of lightweight daily wear earrings. The choices are plenty, from stunning chain sui dhaga earrings or a simple stud earrings.

1. Beautiful Pearl daily wear earrings

Pearle are known for their purity and sublime value. No matter what gemstones they are coupled with, they remain simple and their purpose fulfilling. An attempt has been made to give a designer look with the help of pearls in the earring, the pendant in the middle has multicolour enamel work and two threads of pearls on both sides are connecting the bottom to the top.Buy this pearl earring from people choice and grace a party or family function in style.

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2. Designer Chand Bali

There are some people who use jewellery as part of their tradition and culture. Though they may differ in terms of importance and relevance, they all play significant roles. Gold is the most popular metal used in making jewellery. It is durable and doesn’t tarnish despite of everyday use. These pretty small earring with lots of detailing on it would be perfect for any event when you want to stand out of the box but still remain in your comfort zone of lightweight jewellery. The fine detailing on the earring can steal the spotlight whenever worn in any functions or parties.

3. Zigzag pattern earring

Fashion jewellery are still looking as gorgeous and as breath-taking as any other expensive jewelleries in the market today. Elegantly crafted jewellery elevates the aesthetical beauty of the person wearing it. Daily wear earring with a pretty long design are in trend in nowadays. These are simple, long and have a beautiful design on them which can be easily paired with sarees to create breath taking look. These are lightweight so can be worn on any daily without any hassle. The flower design followed by the unique design makes your look attractive and also compliment the attire .

4. Earring with green meenakari

Earring are special accessories that compliment any attire we carry. From heavy to light earring the most preferred for daily work are light weight earrings like this one.The simple minimalist approach of the earring and the simple design can go well for any daily wear attire where you want something beautiful and elegant but nothing on the heavier side. This simple earring with the flower design looks soo beautiful and elegant whenever paired with any attire for daily basis.

5. Traditional stud earring

Gold an Element of Elegance by Fashion Jewellery. There is a constant need to be fashionable, there is a need to wear jewellery, especially for the fashionably conscious people. Simple day to day wear are coming in so many new variations and designs but the simplest and authentic stud day to day wear earring is still somewhat in trend. This gold earrings is super lightweight and can be worn on daily basis without any worrying of it getting rusted or decolourised due to humidity.

6. Beautiful sui dhaga earring

The floral sui dhaga gold drop earrings lets you live every day like it’s spring.In this earring, a very beautiful flower design is made from the top side, in the middle of this earring green enamel work has been done and a sleek chains dangling at the bottom which is classy and has a sophisticated look to it., this Sui Dhaaga earring is made in a very beautiful way. This is a very good option for daily use.Wear it on your anniversary, birthday, or as daily wear and create a new look.

7. Earring with red minakari

Jewellery is a generic term across the world, but its type and usage is completely based on customary traditions of a vicinity. It also symbolises wealth, power, and status. For some, jewellery is a form of art for self and creative expression. This simple Daily wear design in sui dhaga design look so elegant and effortless with any attire it is paired with. And this design is little in hype nowadays. It has a minimalist design but the fine detailing on these earrings looks so good and pretty.

8. Leaf motif hanging earrings

Over r the years, traditions have changed. However, jewelleries remain constant. The transition from wooden jewelleries to metal designs are seen. Jewellery makers have learned to incorporate several precious metal to create a more durable jewellery. Earring have always been an integral part of any jewellery. Without earring any attire look incomplete. These pair of earring with such a beautiful designs on them looks so pretty and elegant. The leave design on the earring elongated the earring which look beautiful. And being lightweight it can be worn to any function with a fear of ear cut .

9. Beautiful hanging earrings


Customisation in creating and designing jewelleries pave ways to mass production of jewelleries. They are no longer limited to traditional and religious use. However, they are also use to enhance a person’s beauty. Colours are no longer decided according to one’s status, but they can now be used to match different clothes and occasions. These pretty earring for daily function these days for festival looks perfect as it can compliment any traditional attire . The inverted triangle is unique design that make this peice different from other and these also enlo gates the earring

10. Traditional round shape earring

This earring is a very traditional earring which is going on for a long time, with this we have tried to give a model look.Due to its lightness, many women prefer to wear it daily basis.this earring made in a round shape with a thin gold sleek chain hanging below it. There is a very beautiful design of cutwork on the top side.Adorn this traditional earring with any of your beautiful Georgette saree and portray a stunning look.

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