11 Best Gold Pasa Design with Price

Fatima Rani

11 Gold Pasa Design

Many women in Kolkata, India look for gold pasa design to wear in their ears. Although it is an unfamiliar name, it is loved by all the women of Kolkata. The earrings of this name have become very popular among them. Usually gold pasa are very light weight. And they are available at very affordable prices. So these gold pasa designs are great for women from middle class families.

Currently, women from middle class families are found in the city of Kolkata, India. And they are a little weak economically. So everyone collects these light weight gold pasa designs. Besides these gold pasa designs are very attractive to look at. If you wear it yourself, you will understand how much more attractive it will make you in the crowd. Gold pasa designs are mostly like leaf designs.

However, we will inform you about the weight and price of each gold pasa. So you don’t have to worry too much about deciding which one to collect. If you are from the city of Kolkata, India, then today’s collections are very interesting for you. Besides, every woman needs these attractive earrings. So let’s see the designs and know the details.

1. Gold pasa design

gold pasa design 8

With attractive small leaf design as if one more leaf design. Generally these types of earrings are used by women to wear for daily use. These earrings are very attractive to wear all the time. These gold pasa are currently being used by most Indian women. It is completely made of 22k gold.

  • Gold pasa design
  • Pasa weight: 2.60 grams
  • Pasa price: 12,454 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

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2. gold pasa design with price

gold pasa design 7

These attractive earrings of only 2 grams of gold have caught the eye of many middle-class women. Because this gold pasa looks really attractive when women wear it. So all women are always using this gold pasa to wear. It is made of only 2 grams of gold (2 gram Gold Earrings New design) so you can collect it at a very low price. These affordable earrings are always the most attractive to wear.

  • Pasa weight: 2 grams
  • Pasa price: 9,580 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

3. Small earrings in gold

gold pasa design 6

I brought a lighter weight gold pasa from the previous gold dice in the photo above. As you can see it is a bit smaller than the previous earring. It is made of only 1.5 grams of gold. You will get it within Rs 6000 maximum. This small Gold Psha of only Rs.6000 is for any women who are currently collecting. It has become very popular.

  • Pasa weight: 1.75 grams
  • Pasa price: 8,382.5 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

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4. New light weight gold earrings with price

gold pasa design 5

Another very light weight gold earring to wear all the time. These earrings will be very attractive for everyday wear. It is made entirely of 21k gold. If you want to collect it you can collect it from big jewelery store in your city. It can be obtained from any local jeweller. So don’t delay and get one for yourself now.

  • Pasa weight: 1.90 grams
  • Pasa price: 9,101 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 21k gold 

5. Meena Kari Gold Pasha Designs

gold pasa design 4

Bringing you an attractive gold small earrings of very high quality. In fact, every gold earrings in today’s collection is very important for you. If looking for small gold earrings or small gold earrings for daily use or gifting to someone then today’s collections are definitely for you. Shown here are very attractive small earrings.

  • Pasa weight: 1.25 grams
  • Pasa price: 5,987.5 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

6. kan pasha image

kan pasha image

These lightweight kan pasha image are currently the most popular gifting item. Many husbands are gifting these gold pasa to their wife’s to always wear. So if you want, you can collect this gold pasa and gift it to your wife at a very low cost. And you can easily make your wife happy by spending little money. Your wife will be very happy to receive this gift.

  • Pasa weight: 1.60 grams
  • Pasa price: 7,664 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

7. Gold earrings designs for daily use

gold pasa design

Gold earrings designs for daily use. The earrings that you see in the crack mentioned above have a very attractive design. These designs are created by cutting gold using highly modern machinery’s. That alone makes it very interesting to watch. So any woman wears it and looks very attractive. You can make yourself more attractive among everyone at a very low cost by using these gold earrings.

  • Pasa weight: 2.30 grams
  • Pasa price: 11,017 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

8. Gold earrings for Dubai women

gold pasa design 2

These cheap gold pasa earrings can be very attractive for women in Dubai. Nowadays all the women are very fond of these gold earrings. So women in Dubai also like these earrings. For when we take it among them, they express a great desire to collect it. Anyway if you are from Dubai then definitely get yourself one of these attractive gold earrings. Hope it makes you more interesting.

  • Pasa weight: 2.50 grams
  • Pasa price: 11,975 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

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9. Beautiful gold pasa design

gold pasa design 3

This attractive gold pasa design made of original 21k gold has caught the attention of hundreds of women. Be it India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangladesh, Pakistan, women of any country love these gold pasha earrings. It is very suitable for all of them. Gold jewelery has now caught the attention of women in different countries of the world. Women look great when they wear gold jewellery.

  • Pasa weight: 2 grams
  • Pasa price: 9,580 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 21k gold 

10. earring design

earring design

If you are financially weak and looking for attractive gold earrings in cheap price, then you can collect this gold pasa. Because it is made with very light weight it is available at a very cheap price. Nowadays many more women like you are collecting it to wear all the time. So you can collect it without delay. Since it is made entirely of twenty-one carat gold, there is no need to worry about being cheated. You can use it for a long time.  1.40 grams gold pasa price 6,706 Rs

  • Pasa weight: 1.40 grams
  • Pasa price: 6,706 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

11. kaner pasha design

kaner pasha design

In today’s collection, I have brought you the most trending gold pasa. Collecting any of these will benefit you without a doubt. Actually gold pasa are a type of gold earrings. But this gold earrings from women of Kolkata city is called gold pasa design. However, every gold pasa of today’s collection is very much liked by you. Can collect without any doubt. You can get every earring in today’s collection at a very affordable price.

  • Pasa weight: 1.35 grams
  • Pasa price: 6,466.5 Rs (Currently)
  • Metal: 22k gold 

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