5 Best Wedding Dresses Under $200 Try on Your Wedding

Fatima Rani

Trying On 5 Wedding Dresses Under $200

Dear Friends, it is wedding season. Actually I don’t even know if it’s officially wedding season, but I know in February is when pretty much all of my friends have gotten married. That’s when I got married. So I thought it was perfect timing to do a wedding dress Try on article. I did want to show you guys that there are wedding dress options, that are not gonna cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. I remember when I was shopping for my wedding dress.

It was one of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding and getting married. But also it was one of the most stressful parts, because wedding dresses can get really expensive. And it really doesn’t need to be that way now, that there’s so many different options. You can definitely get a beautiful wedding dress without spending all your money. So today all of the dresses I’m gonna be showing you guys are from Lulu’s.

Lulu’s has an amazing Bridal section they have wedding dresses. They also have beautiful bridesmaids dresses. So I’m going to show you guys five different bridesmaids dresses under $200. So now let’s get in to the wedding dresses.

1. Cream Ruffled Maxi wedding dresses under $200

Wedding Dresses Under $200

So let’s just begin here is the first wedding dress. And this is absolutely beautiful. It’s much more of a I would say like an outdoor wedding like more casual vibe, but it’s also very like boho. This wedding dresses only $72 such a good price. They also have a few different colors in this one. They have a blue and a red, so you could also get this as a bridesmaid’s dress if you like this style. So I would say this is more of a creamy white color. It’s coming off more like true white on the camera. But I just wanted to let you guys know it is more of a cream color. Love the ruffle sleeves.

2.  White Long Sleeve Lace Maxi Dress under $200

Wedding Dresses Under 200

Now this one is so beautiful this one has long lace sleeves. If you guys saw my wedding photos, you know my wedding dress had long lace sleeves. I love long sleeve wedding dresses. I just think they’re so classic and then this one’s really pretty because, it has a heart-shaped neckline. It’s all lace at the top it has a beautiful open back. This wedding dresses under $200. They also have a bunch of different colors for this one. As well in case you wanted it as a bridesmaid’s dress. It’s more casual version of your wedding dress, so naturally I like it.

3. White Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Wedding Dresses Under $100

This is just beautiful classic sleek. okay let me just show you what it looks like, oh my gosh! I think it will be more of a form-fitting dress. it’s a really nice thick like stretchy material but, it just feels like a really great quality fabric. I just love this neckline. it looks just so beautiful, but this wedding dresses under 100$. Exactly again an amazing price, if you’re curious. I got size extra small in all of these. the most expensive dress love it.

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4. Rosetta White Lace Maxi Dress

white wedding dress

this next one is one that I wouldn’t necessarily say is my style but, I definitely wanted to get all different types of styles. So it could be most helpful for those of you, who are watching and wanting to see different styles, but this one could still be beautiful. I just don’t think this shape is normally super flattering on me but, I really love the neckline. in my last article when I wrote on wedding dresses that were more on the inexpensive side. I could see where like just threads weren’t sewn in fully. They just looked a little bit cheaper, but all of these dresses look like amazing quality.

5. Forever and Always Wedding Dresses Under $200

Forever and Always White Lace Maxi Dress

So here is the last wedding dress. this one is really beautiful. I love the nude like under layer how it has the lace over it. I think that’s really pretty and then it has a super flowy skirt at the bottom. this Wedding Dresses Under $200 on Lulu’s website and again they have a few different colors.

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