Top 6 Light Weight Gold Necklace That Are Worth Collecting in 2023

Fatima Rani

light weight gold necklace

As the price of gold increases, most of the women prefer to buy light weight gold necklace. Gentle women never waste their money and buy ugly gold necklaces. So we have carefully sifted through all the gold necklaces and have come up with some very popular and attractive light weight gold necklaces. Today’s article will be great for those of you who want to see lightweight necklaces with prices. Because we will discuss about the weight and price of each gold necklace. And give you tips on what situations you can wear them. Hope these will be very useful for you. So let’s look at light weight necklaces.

1. Light weight gold necklace with price

light weight gold necklace with price

This attractive designed gold necklace in light weight is sure to grab your attention. This gold necklace has special qualities. It is made of only 7 grams of gold. And it is available in the market at a very affordable price. You can visit any of your local jewelry stores and collect it. When you make it, you have to make it according to the current market price of gold. You can wear it while going to various parties.

  • Weight:  9 grams
  • Price: 52,758 Rs (Currently)

2. Light weight gold necklace 22k

light weight gold necklace 22k

Although this elegantly designed gold light weight necklace is made of 21k gold, you can get it made of 22k gold if you want. If you want to buy this necklace in 22k gold, you must talk to your local jeweler and get it made. if you want, You can wear this gold necklace in your wedding. Or would be perfect to gift to someone else.

  • Weight:  8 grams
  • Price: 46,896 Rs (Currently)

3. Light weight gold necklace malabar gold

light weight gold necklace malabar gold

If you wish to collect light weight necklaces from Malabar Gold Jewellers, then definitely do. If you show them this design they will surely make it for you. You can also get it from other jewelry stores. Look for its hallmark when you collect it. This necklace is made with such light weight that any girl can collect it. Because you will get it in just 20,000 rupees.

  • Weight:  6 grams
  • Price: 35,172 Rs (Currently)

4. Light weight gold necklace in 5 grams

light weight gold necklace in 5 grams

This light weight necklace is crafted in just 5 grams of gold as per your needs. So without delay you can collect it now from your local jewelery store. It is made more attractive by using red color beads in it. It will be great for newly married women. So if you are a husband and wish to give attractive gifts to your married wife, then you can collect it. Hope your loved one will be very happy to receive it.

  • Weight:  4.50 grams
  • Price: 26,379 Rs (Currently)

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5. Light weight gold necklace tanishq

light weight gold necklace tanishq

This light weight gold necklace from Tanishq Gold Jewelry has gained huge popularity in the market. Seeing their design, other jewelers made it. It will be perfect for all types of girls. It is available at a very low price due to its light weight construction. These types of necklaces are very popular these days due to the increase in the price of gold. So if you are looking for an attractive light weight gold necklace from her Tanisq Jewelry store, then get it. The great thing is that pearls are used in it.

  • Weight:  5 grams
  • Price: 29,310 Rs (Currently)

6. Light weight wedding necklace

Light weight wedding necklace

Due to poor economic conditions, many people look for light weight gold necklaces to wear on weddings. Many choose to wear lightweight necklaces in their weddings. If you are one of them, then definitely collect it. It is made following the bridal gold necklace designs. So you will definitely be admired if you wear it in your wedding ceremony. You can get it at a very cheap price.

  • Weight:  8.20 grams
  • Price: 48,068.4 Rs (Currently)

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