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Fatima Rani

Stylish bridal gold ring design

For those of you who have been giving us so much love and support from India, today we have brought you some Stylish bridal gold ring design. Which you can buy from India directly through us. With your love and demand we have made this arrangement today. So that you can get any jewelery from India. However today’s connection will detail how you can collect these designs.

You can collect directly by contacting the number given below. Whatsapp number will be given below nicely. If you order them, they will deliver them to your doorstep. So no need to worry. Of course you will benefit. So let’s see the designs and know the details.

1. Leaf design gold ring in 6 grams

Leaf design gold ring in 6 grams

  • Weight: 6.28 grams 
  • Price: Approx 36,363 Rs 
  • Metal: 22 carat gold 
  • Booking Number : +91 82504 04335 

You all know that one of the trusted jewelery stores in India is Jewelery Garden. There are very high quality designs made with pure gold. So we chose their products in today’s collection. Hope these will be very perfect and interesting for you. Anyway order these designs directly and collect them for yourself.

2. Gold long ring

Gold long ring

  • Weight: 6.90 grams 
  • Price: Approx 40,468 Rs 
  • Metal: 22 carat gold 
  • Booking Number : +91 82504 04335 

All their jewelry collections look really amazing. We have brought these designs for you after a lot of scrutiny. It will be great for those who usually want to wear attractive gold rings on their fingers to make themselves more attractive in the wedding. Also, if desired, married women can wear these gold rings on their hands to look very attractive. Weight and price of each design are mentioned. And given the number. Order by contacting directly.

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3. Stylish bridal gold ring design

Eye catching 5 grams gold rings

  • Weight: 5.82 grams
  • Price: Approx 34,134 Rs
  • Metal: 22 carat gold
  • Booking Number : +91 82504 04335

This is one of the most exquisitely designed gold rings in today’s collection. The ring you see in the photo above just caught your eye. Don’t miss out on collecting with confidence right at home. We have brought you this jewelry design with great scrutiny. So contact the WhatsApp number given above and collect it. It is very effective to enhance your fashion style even more.

4. Floral gold long ring

Floral gold long ring

  • Weight: 6.85 grams
  • Price: Approx 40,175 Rs
  • Metal: 22 carat gold
  • Booking Number  : +91 82504 04335

This gold ring with its long and attractive shape has caught the attention of all women. Wearing them makes you look more rich. We all try to make ourselves look richer. So you must wear these gold rings. Because nowadays married women are using this kind of gold rings in abundance to make themselves look more rich. So definitely you should collect it.

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5. Sunflower design gold ring

Sunflower design gold ring

  • Weight: 9.96 grams
  • Price: Approx 58,415 Rs
  • Metal: 22 carat gold
  • Booking Number : +91 82504 04335

At this stage, I have brought another beautiful design of gold rings for you. Here are all the designs of gold rings that are generally preferred by Indian girls. So I think the rings of today’s collection are enough for you. Make yourself more attractive by collecting them. You will be more appreciative and happy wearing it.

6. Leaf design gold ring

Leaf design gold ring

  • Weight: 6.12 grams
  • Price: Approx 35,893 Rs
  • Metal: 22 carat gold
  • Booking Number : +91 82504 04335

Any type of gold jewelery with leaf design is very popular with girls. So to meet this preference, the latest gold ring in today’s collection uses leaf design. You can collect this gold ring for yourself if you want. Or you can collect it to give as a gift to someone. There are many husbands who collect these gold rings to gift them to their wives. Hope you can also collect it for your wife. We know it’s not just women who come here. Many husbands look for gold jewelery to give attractive gifts to their wives.

However, these are brought to you. Order and collect soon without delay. If you order, they will deliver to your door. And confirm well by contacting the WhatsApp number. Of course, the price may change a little. Because the price of gold is changing every day.

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