7 Best Small Gold Jhumka design for Every Female

Fatima Rani

small gold jhumka design

Among the small gold jewelry designs, small gold jhumka design have become very popular. Many women love to adorn themselves with small jhumka designs. But usually jhumka designs are very heavy. As small jhumka designs have a special demand, now a large number of small jhumka designs are coming on the market. Today I have brought you some interesting small gold jhumka designs. Hope you will like and find them useful. So let’s take a look at the designs.

Latest Collection Of small gold jhumka design For Daily Wear

Today’s best small gold jhumka designs are shared here.

1. Small gold jhumka design

small gold jhumka design 5

Weight: 3 grams, price: 14,007 Rs (currently)

Who doesn’t want to make themselves more attractive! Nowadays, new products are constantly coming in our fashion style and increasing our beauty more and more. I hope if you wear this small jhumka design yourself to a relative’s house or in front of your loved ones then they will definitely be impressed. It will enhance your beauty more among all.

2. For cute girls

small gold jhumka design 1

Weight: 2.25 grams, price: 10,505.25 Rs (currently)

You can collect this small jhumka design to make the little cute girl in your house more happy. It is also great for gift giving. You can get it at a very affordable price. It is very cheap due to its light weight construction. Many mothers give it as a gift to their little girls. It gives a more unique look to small children.

3. Color with bird head design

small gold jhumka design 4

Weight: 3.05 grams, price: 14,240.45 Rs (currently)

If you wear it while going to various parties, everyone will be impressed with you. Because you will be surprised to hear that these small jhumka designs are currently being sold in large quantities in almost every jewelery store in the market. It is made in a very unique design. In it, the red color is again followed by the black color in the design of bird’s head. All these designs make it look more beautiful.

4. Dhoti small jhumka

jhumka Designs

Weight: 2.40 grams, price: 11,672.5 Rs (currently)

These types of jhumka designs are sold in large quantities in the market since long. But they are always over weight. Due to the huge demand in the market, various manufacturers decided to make it smaller and lighter in weight. And they make it for a very cheap price. Later these light weight and cheap price dhoti jhumka designs gained a lot of fame. So even if you are financially weak you can collect it. Makes you more attractive.

5. 2 grams jhumka designs

small gold jhumka

Weight: 3.05 grams, price: 14,240.45 Rs (currently)

Many of you ladies have been telling us to show attractive jhumka designs in just 2 grams of gold. If you are one of them, then today’s collection is definitely going to be great for you. Because these jhumka designs are made with very light weight. Each jhumka design weighs between two to three grams of gold. They are also very less in terms of price. You can use them for gift giving if you want. Or you can collect it for yourself to wear all the time.

6. Royal cut jhumka designs

small gold jhumka design 3

Weight: 2.40 grams, price: 11,672.5 Rs (currently)

The skilled artisans of our country have created attractive royal cut jhumka designs in light weight. These jhumka designs are made with light weight which has greatly benefited the common man. Many of us are very weak financially and cannot afford heavy weight jhumka designs. So for them these light weight and cheap price jhumka designs will be attractive and awesome. Each jhumka design is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold.

7. Jhumkas for eight year old girls

small gold jhumka design2

Weight: 2.30 grams, price: 11,272.5 Rs (currently)

You can collect the designs that are shown to you today for small children. As each one is small in size, it will not be difficult for small children to wear at all. Also if you want you can collect them for yourself to wear all the time. Many women have collected these jhumka designs for daily use. As each jhumka is made to perfection there is no worry of spoilage. You can use it continuously for many days.

Conclusion: The interesting small gold jhumka designs shown to you today are very popular in the current market. And they are brand new in the market. So you can definitely benefit by collecting them. Collect it quickly without delay. And have more fun with these.

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