6 latest Gold earrings designs in Small Size

Fatima Rani

6 latest Gold earrings designs in Small Size

Many of you asked us to show you the latest gold earrings designs in small sizes. Today I have brought here several small size gold earrings as per your needs. Each has different designs. If you are looking for Small gold earrings designs for daily use, then today’s collections are going to be great for you. Each design is made entirely of 21 carat pure gold and released in the market. So don’t worry about getting cheated by collecting them. You can buy them for daily use or collect them to gift to someone.

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Beautiful and Latest Gold earrings designs in Small Size for new Fashion:

Here are the latest gold earrings that are made in very small sizes.

1. Jamrul tree leaf design

cute earring 13

Weight: 1.50 grams, price 7,003.5 Rs (currently)

Made with just a single leaf design has impressed the minds of hundreds of women. Every women is well aware of their beauty. And know how to use jewelry to make them look more attractive. When they choose these small earrings for themselves after knowing these things, then they must understand that there is a different kind of beauty hidden in these small earrings. However you can also appreciate the beauty of these earrings by collecting them.

2. Floral design with thick petals

Latest earrings designs

Weight: 2 grams, price 9,338 Rs (currently)

Nowadays, it is seen that many women like flowers with thick petals very much. Especially when the new boyfriend goes to propose to his girlfriend, he usually proposes with mass petal flowers. From this it can be understood that flowers with thick petals are very much liked by women. Therefore, the skilled artisans of our country have designed these earrings with the attention of the dense flower petals. So if you like this type of flower then definitely collect it.

3. Wide leaf design

Earrings image

Weight: 1.66 grams, price 7,750.54 Rs (currently)

There is no need to discuss the weight and price of these earrings in today’s collection. Because you will get them at a very cheap price. They weigh a maximum of 2 grams. Each earring is crafted in under two grams of gold. The price of these will be only 10 thousand rupees. No need to worry about weight and price. You can collect them at a very low price. They are made entirely of pure gold. But the price is very low due to light weight.

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4. Eye catching petal design

Photo of earrings

Weight: 2.30 grams, price 10,738.7 Rs (currently)

Although the size looks a little big, it is bought by women to wear all the time. These earrings are usually worn by women from different parts of Delhi, India. Especially they wear when going to different parties. It would be great for party wear. It easily grabs everyone’s attention due to its unique floral earrings design. You can also enjoy its beauty by using it.

5. Foreign wearing earrings


Weight: 1.70 grams, price 7,937.3 Rs (currently)

Foreign women usually don’t wear highly designed earrings. They always wear earrings made with small cut designs. You may be able to see the earrings mentioned in the photo above. It is currently used by many women in America. And there is a different kind of beauty hidden in them. Only if you wear it you will understand how flattering it can make you look. Also, if you want to wear earrings that foreign women like, then you can wear it.

6. Stud earrings for stylish women

Earrings image

Weight: 1.80 grams, price 8,404.2 Rs (currently)

Best of women’s favorite brings you yet another light weight small shaped earrings. If you are always busy with your work at home. And it is not possible for you to wear big earrings. Because it can be seen that if you wear large earrings all the time, there is a possibility of them breaking or getting damaged. But we always want to make our ears more attractive. So you can wear these small earrings in your busy time. These earrings are not susceptible to tearing and breakage. They are very durable and can be used for many days.

Conclusion: Actually small earrings are very necessary for women. So in today’s collection new and popular small gold earrings were brought. Hope you like it very much. We regularly share such attractive gold jewelery on our website. So you can stay with us to see more designs.

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