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8 new earrings designs gold

Dress yourself up with new and attractive new earrings designs gold every day. Gold earrings go well with the saree. Gold earrings must be attractive to make yourself more attractive. You will notice that if the earrings you wear are attractive then everyone will compliment you after seeing them. And you will probably be very happy to hear that compliment. Anyway gold earrings are very important in our daily life. Brings a unique beauty to women’s ears. So we all women are looking for attractive earrings for ourselves.

8 new earrings designs gold for female in Women Fashion:

Here are the new gold earrings that are loved by hundreds of women. Check them all now and know the details.

1. Peacock head design with paint

new earrings gold

If you want to make yourself as attractive as a peacock, then get yourself a pair of earrings designed like the top of the peacock’s head. It will easily make you more unique among everyone. Every woman wants her beauty to be different from others. So if you are one of them, then you can easily win the heart of your loved one by using these unique earrings. It is very interesting.

  • very light weight gold earring design
  • Earrings weight: 6 grams
  • Earrings price: 28,014 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

2. Simple style with double flowers

new gold earrings designs

Weight: 6.40 grams, Price: 29,881.6 Rs

Although made in a simple design, it has a mixture of two flowers. As if a small flower grew on a flower. It is really amazing to design such scenes in the earrings. Yet the experienced craftsmen of our country have won the hearts of thousands of women by making such designs with their perfect thinking. A lot of women especially from middle class families in India have collected these earrings to wear all the time. It is made entirely of twenty one carat gold.

3. Blank blank pattern

earrings image

Weight: 5.90 grams, Price: 28,084 Rs

Nowadays there are many women who prefer to wear gold earrings in light weight. There are also many who prefer these lightweight earrings if they are made in a very hollow design. For them, the earrings mentioned in the photo above can be great. You can make it yourself and wear it if you want. Wearing it will enhance your beauty. In this, small shaped leaves are used downwards.

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4. Light weight but big size earrings

new earrings

Weight: 7 grams, Price: 33,320 Rs

I have come up with a very nice earring at this stage. There are many women from different countries who look for large size gold earrings in light weight. It’s great for them. It looks big in shape but it is light in weight. It is made with light weight but various designs are used. As you will notice in it, there are some floral designs. Again, three leaves are designed at the bottom. Among the leaf designs, more variety of designs have been cut by modern machines. In fact it is very remarkable.

5. Small flowers and thick chain designs are used

new earrings designs gold with price

Weight: 6.90 grams, Price: 32,216.1 Rs

Gold chains are used in most of these attractive earrings. A few days ago, these types of earrings were very popular in the market. Women love to wear this type of earrings in their wedding. It is completely redesigned. So if you are looking for earrings to wear in your wedding, then you can collect for yourself. It has very small flower patterned dice, which you have to look carefully to see.

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6. Like a peacock with all its wings spread

stylish and new earrings designs gold

Weight: 7.10 grams, Price: 33,149.9 Rs

As if among wild birds, peacock, the most beautiful bird, spreads all its wings in this earring design. A very attractive design has indeed been created. The color of the peacock’s body is used in these earrings. In short, if you like peacocks. Then definitely collect it. Collecting it will earn you a lot of praise. It is now very popular in the market.

7. Direct use of gold leaf

new earrings designs gold

Weight: 7.60 grams, Price: 35,484.4 Rs

Direct gold leaf is used in these attractive earrings. And small designed dice are used around it. If you want, you can wear these earrings and visit different relatives’ houses. Because it is most attractive when worn while visiting relatives’ houses. These earrings will go well with a sleek saree. So collect it now to flaunt your beauty to everyone without delay. 8 grams of gold has been used to make it.

8. Black patterned floral dies are used all around

new earrings designs gold image

Weight: 8.20 grams, Price: 38,285.8 Rs

These earrings can be very attractive for the hottest looks. Young women from the age of 25 years to 34 years are widely using these earrings. And many women have reported that they easily caught the eye of their husbands wearing it. This is very important for the hottest look. So if you want to make yourself even Hottest, you can definitely use it. Because it is so perfectly made, there is no worry of spoiling. The colors used in it will never fade.

Conclusion: Hope you like each and every gold earrings in today’s collection. Here you are presented with the latest designs and latest earrings. The weight and price of each design is given. Hope you won’t have any problem collecting them. You can collect them from any jewelery store in your city. Stay tuned to our website for more such attractive gold jewelry. Thank you so much for being with us this long.

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